Lazy Marketer World-Cash Copywriting System

The Secret To Making Thousands Of Dollars Per Week Is Simply Using The Right Words…

You will learn exactly how to:

  • You’ll find out, step-by-easy-step, how you can write smooth, hypnotic sales pages that rake in cash by the barrel, even if you have no sales experience, writing ability, or any skills whatsoever! (I’m a bad marketer and an even WORSE writer, yet I still crank out sales letters that make money each month like clockwork!)
  • You’ll get a surprisingly simple, yet astonishingly powerful 3-step process for creating a powerful ending to your sales letters. (The end of your sales letters MUST be strong because many people read that part first!).
  • The “No Sweat, No Brainer” secret weapon top professional copywriters use to quickly and effortlessly create a sales letter’s “biggest weapon”). (Get this right and visitors to your site will feel utterly compelled to read every single word of your sales letter).
  • Three secret ways to “focus” your potential customer’s attention on your sales message and get them to act right now!
  • The #1 deal-killing, copywriting mistake that you must avoid at all costs! . (Almost all beginning copywriters make this mistake. Want to shave years off your learning curve… instantly? DON’T do “this”!)
  • The best way in the world to create a guarantee that’ll slash refunds to near zero and as much as triple sales! (This takes some balls to pull off. If you’ve got the fortitude, I’ll reveal the details!)
    You’ll find out how the pros use 3 secret rules to create a “call to action” in their sales letters that can increase your sales by as much as 50%! (These rules have been around for decades – even before the invention of the internet – and very few copywriters use them correctly – but you can use them to rake in twice as many sales as your competitors!)
  • When you learn to create sales letters you can also SELL those skills! (Effective freelance copywriters can charge $500, $5,000, and even $10,000 – $25,000 for just ONE SALES LETTER … often with back-end percentages! And, armed with my system, you’ll be able to crank out a killer sales letter for a high-paying client in 30-minutes or less!)
  • You’ll discover a surprising way to create unstoppable urgency so people feel compelled to pull out their wallets and give you cash
  • RIGHT NOW! (Not next week, not tomorrow, not later in the day, but right at the very moment they read your sales letter!)
  • Clever (and very “sneaky”) ways to give yourself “instant credibility” in the eyes of your prospects. (This forces even the most skeptical prospect to have no choice but believe everything you say!)
    You’ll find out how the pros use the 3 ancient “Rules Of Seduction” to create a “call to action” in their sales letters that can increase your sales by as much as 50%! (These are the amazing “lost” secrets of all great salesmen and all intensely-successful wealth-building marketing.)
  • And so much more..

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