Kim Garst – Facebook Live Marketing Blueprint
A quick and easy, yet INCREDIBLY powerful system for using Facebook Live to reach (and build!) your community, promote your brand and sell MORE of your products and services using Facebook’s hot, new live streaming app.
Here’s What’s Included in the Course!

  • MODULE 1: Why Facebook Live and Why Now?
  • The power of Facebook Live for your business
  • 10 BIG reasons why NOW is the time for marketers to pay attention to Facebook Live
  • MODULE 2: Facebook Live Quick Start Guide
  • Exactly how the Facebook Live app works
  • How to set up “interest lists”
  • How to use Facebook Live in a Facebook Group, on your Fan Page and/or for events
  • How to overcome the fear factor to confidently hit the “Go Live” button
  • Things you should know before doing your first Facebook Live broadcast
  • How long each broadcast should be
  • MODULE 3: What to do DURING Your Facebook Live Broadcast
  • How to introduce yourself and establish credibility fast
  • Tips to build a large and engaged subscriber base
  • How to take and answer questions like a pro
  • A foolproof technique to instantly shut down “trolls”
  • The best way to ask people to take action (and actually have them do it!)
  • MODULE 4: Growing Your Facebook Live Community
  • How to instantly get more people watching your Facebook Live broadcasts
  • How to amplify the reach of your Facebook Live broadcast to build a huge, engaged community
  • MODULE5: Rocking Facebook Live Like a Pro
  • How to host a “kick booty” broadcast that people love
  • Developing an interesting content strategy. What oh what do you talk about?
  • MODULE6: Facebook Live for Sales and Marketing
  • How to build your brand on Facebook Live
  • How to use Facebook Live to grow your email list (fast!)
  • How to do a “flash sale” on Facebook Live
  • MODULE 7: Get the Most “Bang” Out of Your Broadcasts
  • How to keep the momentum rolling even after the Facebook Live broadcast ends
  • How to re-purpose your broadcasts to create your own platform-driving content machine
  • How to edit and optimize your Facebook Live video
  • How to add captions to your video and triple the number of views you get
  • How to build playlists so people can watch ALL of your broadcasts
  • MODULE 8: Lights…Camera…Action!
  • How to set up your equipment and lighting to create a studio quality feel
  • Tips, tricks and techniques to make sure you always feel good an look GREAT on Facebook Live
  • MODULE 9: Broadcasting from Your Desktop
  • Understanding why and when you should broadcast from your desktop
  • How to set-up to broadcast in landscape mode from your desktop
  • MODULE 9: What do the Numbers Mean?
  • Where to find the stats and data on each broadcast and understand what all of it means
  • How to use data to build a better future broadcast
  • Using Facebook Live data to drive overall business objectives

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