Here is what’s included : 

The 50k in 5 Days Case Study just went down and boy oh boy was it amazing! EVERY single person who listens to this training is going to make more money, even before 2016 ends never mind beyond as you KEEP implementing it!
What we will cover!
Watch the video for the full lowdown, but here are some of the key points!

  • How to tap into the ideas which sell the easiest and are also the most fun to deliver
  • Doing this by understanding what is obvious to everybody else but you, about what people want to know and buy from you
  • Bringing your idea to launch in under one day, and exactly how to do that
  • The EXACT launch fast processes I use, including:
  • Idea clarity
  • Fast sales page writing
  • Social media teasers and promotions
  • Email marketing
  • EFFECTIVE scarcity tactics
  • How to price
  • Getting the first few sales in and then pushing ALL the way through the launch
  • Launching something ‘bonus’ even whilst in the middle of promoting / doing other stuff
  • PLUS! I’ll show you the full case study of my most recent ‘bonus’ launch, which took me about an hour to come up with and netted over 50k cash RECEIVED in 5 days, plus ongoing sales!
  • AND! Part of this case study workshop is that we will be live implementation, as I show you how to come up with and fully map out the promotion for your own ‘so obvious you didn’t see it’ bonus flow’n’fun launch!
  • VIP option available, including 1:1 with Kat (below)
  • BONUS support for everybody (also below!)

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