Joshua Lisec – The 80/20 Fiction System: Write a Great Novel Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible

Get 80% of the way to a best-selling novel by acing the first 20% of your project.

The 80/20 Fiction System is a proven and repeatable 30-day method to research, plot, and write a best-selling novel for a hungry reader market.

Crafted from Joshua Lisec and Adam Lane Smith’s combined 16 years’ experience writing a combined 80 books, this program leverages the 80/20 Principle so you invest time on only activities that produce a commercially viable book — and none on activities that don’t.

Because 80% of your best writing comes from 20% of your time working on a novel.

• • • •

Dear Aspiring Novelist,

So you want to write a novel.

You want to write it fast.

And you want it to be good.

Hey, who doesn’t?

Storytelling is all the rage. And it doesn’t get any more authentic for a storyteller than to land their name on that exclusive list of published authors.

Only . . . most writers never make it to the shelf. For every book available on Amazon, there’s a hundred sitting on dusty hard drives and tucked away in dresser drawers.

Everyone wants to write a book.

Not everyone will finish that book.

But you’re in the top 1%, baby. You want to go the distance. You absolutely can. It just requires a system that works.

What’s your system? What method will you use to write a great novel?

Sure, you could wing it. That’s been done before. All the true artists write from the heart, right?

But . . . how many true artists pay their bills on time?

Do true artists have kids to support? Or student loans coming due? Do artists make enough to pay off their house? Do they run a home business with multiple revenue streams based on their work?

The truth is that our system is not for artists. They can head next door to the Free Hugs Department, where a dedicated team of emotional support beta readers will tell them their incomplete manuscript is so special, really just a treat, thanks for letting me read it. They can head home with a big smile and a wallet full of cobwebs.

So if you’re serious about making money writing fiction . . .

If you want to not only write but publish a best-seller that launches a franchise and earns you a living . . .

You need a system.

A dedicated methodology with step-by-step instructions to kick you into overdrive and force you through the process even when you don’t feel like writing.

That’s exactly what we’ve created here for you. Our foolproof system for churning out words that count, getting the book done, and making cash from the finished product.

It all starts at the beginning.

But not all beginnings are created equal.

Let us show you the best way to begin.

Why The 80/20 Fiction System?

Legit Reason #1: So you can just get the dang thing done RIGHT.

We built this 30-day course for novelists from all walks of life to write great fiction quick.

The 80/20 Fiction System is a step-by-step system perfect for both beginners and seasoned pros.

Are you an already-published novelist tired of launching books to oversaturated audiences with no return on your precious time investment?

Great. The 80/20 Fiction System works for you.

Are you an absolute beginner who’s always dreamed of writing a novel but don’t know where to start?

Cool beans. The course works for you as well.

Two professional authors will walk you through their personal method for finding and pleasing a ready-to-buy audience who has cash waiting for your stories.

Why The 80/20 Fiction System?

Legit Reason #2: So you never face Novelist’s Block again.

Writer’s block is a symptom of focusing on the wrong aspect of your story world.

The 80/20 Fiction System sets you up to crush writer’s block for life by teaching you to design a story that practically writes itself.

Most authors pass the first act and then get stuck in the middle of their story. What happens next? Who does what?

This is common, but it doesn’t have to be.

Use The 80/20 Fiction System to set up your story from day one so you never get stuck again.

As we said before, the majority of writers never publish their book. They lose steam after the first act, get distracted by a shiny new idea, or become totally stuck with no clue how to progress the story.

Many of the authors who do manage to publish, shouldn’t. Their books just plain suck. The only thing that pushed them through to the painful end was their passion for writing. But they never learned how to do it correctly. They sell five copies, get bad reviews, and stop writing forever.

The 80/20 Fiction System crushes writer’s block in advance, keeps you focused on your most profitable idea, and provides the running head start you need to blast through your book at record speed.

Because the bulk of the heavy lifting in every book is really in the first 20% of your process. If you get halfway through and start addressing issues, of course you’re going to get stuck. You’ve put the cart before the horse.

By mastering the first 20% of your process, you get 80% of the work done in advance. That means the last 80% of the writing process takes just 20% of the effort.

And by following this system, you can be certain your audience is starving for your book. You won’t sell just five copies and fizzle out. Readers will eat up what you’re offering and beg for more.

Why The 80/20 Fiction System?

Legit Reason #3: Because you shouldn’t have to pound out 5,000 words a day.

What you need is a system for finding what your audience wants and delivering them consistently high-quality stories they’ll love.

It’s the novelist’s version of a monthly recurring revenue product.

Take the guesswork out of your writing business and learn to create novels that can pay your bills.

How’d you like to plow through the hardest parts of writing a book in the first 30 days and finish so strong that writing the rest of your book is not only easy but enjoyable?

This system addresses all the worst pitfalls authors experience and stabs a stake through the heart of the most common dangers writers face.

If you’re ready to stop dreaming about writing a book and get it done, this system will get you there.

Why The 80/20 Fiction System?

Legit Reason #4: Because writing a novel people buy is EASY — when you understand market research.

If no one has ever shown you how to market research a novel, you might feel lost and frustrated.

The way most people do it, writing fiction that sells is hard.

You have to come up with a commercially viable idea. Then you have to conduct the reader research. Then you have to plot, write, and finish the whole blasted thing.

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