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What business owners need to know about money (& what they don’t): Quickly cut through all the confusing, conflicting bs and get only the simple, practical, actionable steps you need to take to consistently make, keep and grow money like clockwork.

  • ​You’ll get the financial education you wish your parents taught you – in kindergarten language
  • ​Learn the 16 Keys you need to unlock your personal money vault
  • ​Avoid the 5 Money Myths & traps that keep the bottom 99% broke & afraid
  • ​Discover the 6 Levels of Business & Finance: How to identify which level you’re on, and what to focus on to get to the next level
  • ​Learn what to track, how to track it and get step by step instructions on how to build your financial scoreboard for your KPI’s and business & personal finances


How any business owner can consistently increase their income even if they’ve been stuck for years – no matter what business you’re in or how many “tactics” you’ve tried.

  • The “Take my Money” Offer framework: How to package your knowledge & skills into hyper-profitable, irresistible offers that make your prospects say, “take my money”
  • The 11 Income Keys that will make lottery winners jealous of your success
  • ​The Dream Lifestyle Engineering Calculator: Reverse engineer exactly what you need to do in your business every day, week, month & year to afford your dream life (hint: it’s less than you think)
  • ​The 3 Income Levers to pull and when to pull each one to explode your income – even if you’ve “tried everything”.


How to structure, systematize & automate your accounts, credit & investments so they make you money while you sleep.

  • Learn how the top 1% structure their bank accounts, credit cards, income, expenses, allocations & timing so they harmonize like the New York Symphony Orchestra
  • ​The 4 rules of income allocation and why the bottom 99% stay broke
  • ​How to “hack your lifestyle” and buy the cars, houses, travel, investments & everything else you want without sacrificing your nest egg
  • ​How to leverage credit to grow your wealth (what banks don’t want you to know)
  • ​How to structure your investments for optimum growth, where to put your money and when based on what level of business & income you’re at


Stop “feeling” your way through your business and finances and learn how the elite make decisions based on data (it’s easier than you think).

  • Learn the “never fails” formula for tracking, evaluating and making decisions based on the numbers (even if you hate numbers)
  • ​Learn how the rich reverse engineer their wealth and make confident moves… and why the poor are kept “crossing their fingers”
  • ​How to virtually predict the future of your business, your finances, your team and everything else based on these 3 key metrics.
  • ​Look under the hood of my business as I walk you through every decision I’ve made (and why) from $0 – $1,000,000+ solely based on data


Stop “feeling” your way through your business and finances and learn how the elite make decisions based on data (it’s easier than you think).

  • The team structure that allows me to be a “business owner” instead of “owned by my business.”
  • ​How to get your dream customers to stop dead in their tracks and pay attention to your messaging (in a sea of other distractions)
  • ​How to eliminate all objections before you even get on a sales call so your prospects are ready to buy with card in hand
  • ​The 4 sales you need to make to get someone to buy (and why most business owners are only making 1 of the 4)
  • ​The 14 principles of sales & marketing that have made my clients over $50 Million

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