Jonathan Goodman – The 1K Fitness Fans Formula

A BRAND NEW System That Any Fitness Professional Can Use to Literally Buy Money at a Discount on Facebook.

Rocket Scientist plows through months of testing, raw data from 77 different ads, and $10,412.58 of MY MONEY to Build a Facebook Ad Formula for Fitness Professionals.

1K Fitness Fans 2.0 is the formula created by a Rocket Scientist to help trainers build a huge online following using Facebook Ads.

I figured out a long time ago that Facebook Ads were the most powerful lead generator on the planet, but they’re almost always done poorly (more on that in a minute)…

…I mean, the amount of information that FB has is scary… and powerful. Everyday people tell the system where they live, who they like, what they do, and how they buy.

Facebook collates all of this data and makes it available to advertisers. Never before have you been able to pick out the exact person(s) that might be interested in what you do and reach out to them in a place they come to relax.

The 1K Fitness Fans 2.0 Formula Can Generate Thousands of Facebook Fans and Help You Make More Money Online

We’re “on guard,” working hard to ignore marketing every minute of the day just so we can go home, put our feet up, and relax— on Facebook.

If You’re Like Me, Then You’ve Screwed Up

My name is Jonathan Goodman. I’ve leveraged Facebook to sell over 25,000 copies of my self-published books, perform a product launch for 100K+ without affiliates, and grown into the world’s biggest collaborative blog for personal trainers — a blog that started in my one bedroom apartment only 2.5 years ago.

I tried promoting posts — now called “boosting” — from my page and even tried to create ads using Facebook to target what I thought was my target audience. I had some small success, but I still didn’t quite get it. I was spending a lot of money for mediocre results.

“This is so confusing!” I thought.


Sitting in my condo at 11:45pm at my desk, hands in my hair, a half-eaten dinner beside me, and a frustrated girlfriend urging me to come to bed, I glanced down at my to-do list for the next day, picked up my pen, and wrote:

“Hire a rocket scientist.“

Hahaha, right? I was joking at the time, but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. I needed to find a rocket scientist.

I knew that with an effective Facebook ad campaign, I could grow my business to levels I’d only dreamed of. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) these days is close to impossible without a massive site with lots of traffic. Even then, you’ve got no idea who a visitor is or how to build a relationship with them, and they’re gone within seconds.

But people spend time on Facebook. They scroll through the feed when they’re bored. If somebody visits your page, you can interact with them.

Facebook advertising is where you should put all of your money right now, not SEO. But Facebook is proprietary, meaning it’s owned by somebody else, and you have no control.

You can’t depend on it, but you should use it for what it’s best at — getting leads — and then work to move those leads onto an email list that you own. More on that in a minute.

After some searching, I found my rocket scientist. The brilliant guy was in the top 3 of his class every year of his program and graduated with top honors in aerospace engineering. After graduating, he decided that his passion was actually in fitness and became a personal trainer. Perfect!

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