Jimmy D. Brown Infoproduct Pipeline
immy D. Brown has launched the ‘Infoproduct Pipeline’ membership site. According to Brown, this membership site teaches how to create variety of information products at a wide variety of price points.
Throughout the membership, you’ll discover.

  • Where to go so you can “read the mind” of people in your market to hand-deliver what they are eager to buy!
  • How to choose in-demand topics for your next product so they sizzle instead of fizzle!
  • How to structure content so people actually want to consume it and are happy with it! (Hint: This is the key to eliminating
  • refunds and prompting repeat purchases!)
  • How to name your products to boost sales (Yes, the wrong name can spell D-O-O-M . I’ve had flops simply because of the name)!
  • How to get information products created for you . without spending a penny.
  • Recommended tools, scripts and services to automate the sales processes so you can get orders around the clock . even while you’re asleep!
  • Expert expert for pricing your products to get the highest possible conversion and profit!

Sales Page: http://www.learnfrominternetmarketers.com/tag/jimmy-d-brown-special-offer-plr/
Download Files Size: 92.6MB
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