Jessica Higdon – 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula

If you guys don’t know about Ms. Jessica Hidgon’s 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula yet then you have to get out from under your rock!

Even though this training just got released this month it’s making waves in the Home Business Industry. HUGE WAVES

The way I see it is if you’re going to provide training to people, especially people on your Team, you want the training to be relevant and non-distracting.

No weird Stuff.

Just a Stress Free, Duplicatable way for you and your team to keep the funnel full of well qualified prospects to talk to about your business.

This can be a challenge sometimes with a TON of stuff on the internet trying to pull you in a million different directions…I call this ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ LOL

But as a Leader in my Network Marketing Business I’m always open to non-distracting ways for my team and I to learn new age prospecting..especially using Facebook because WELL…there are over a BILLION people on Facebook!!!

So out of ALL those people and ALL the noise on Facebook with Spammy crap, how do you do it?

How do you professional recruit on Facebook?

Jessica Higdon has FINALLY created something my team and I will use forever!

The 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula

Jessica breaks in down in such a simple..monkey proof way that I’m proud to represent. It’s finally something I can share with my team where I’ll know that they are in GOOD hands and won’t get distracted. It will help them to recruit for their business and I won’t have to dread the day where they tell me ‘I’ve ran out of friends and family to talk to’

The 10k Social Media Recruiting formula is so powerful that Eric Worre recommended it to his massive list of Home Business subscribers and if you know anything about Eric Worre…he RARELY promotes other people’s products. In short..That means the 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula is AWESOME!

I’m honored to have the opportunity to share this with you because Jessica has gone in deep with this course, showing you exactly what’s she done to create a $10/mo income in her Home Business ALL from Facebook. That’s why she’s called it the 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula.

I’m not going to spoil it but she goes deep into showing you where to find the Perfect Prospect out of the billions of people on Facebook and she also give you scripts to get the conversation started and taken to ‘Welcome to the Team’!!

I use her exact scripts myself and I’m blown away with how accurate the responses I get back are! To the tee it works!

I’m even more excited to share the 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula with my personal team in my company because I can now have a secondary prospecting solution for them that is proven to work.

I was able to get Jessica on a webinar training that explains how her 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula works…check out the recording if you haven’t already seen it!

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