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What are we working toward?

Simply put, what we do here is build consistently profitable traders. That should be the ultimate goal of any trader. If you can make a dollar a day, you can make ten thousand dollars a day. It is simply a matter of account and position size.

We use a crawl, walk, run philosophy to develop a trader from the ground up. Most traders bring a host of bad habits and misconceptions about what trading is, and what is necessary in order for you to achieve “success”. For that very reason we’re going to start from the beginning, learning about basic structure and basic chart reading BEFORE moving on to more complex and technical aspects of trading.

No matter where you’re at in your trading journey expect to have you belief system challenged. Choose, rather than being defensive, to truly question weather what you believe is based in fact, historical study and conclusive evidence or perhaps from what you’ve heard in a chat form or an emotional reaction to past experience.

Everyone at Triple Threat Trading understands that our goal and responsibility is to see YOU succeed. This course has grown into what it is today because of the feedback we’ve received from our clients.

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