Jason K Williamson – eCommerce Email Marketing Masterclass
So what Kinda Flows / Automations are we talking?

  • Abandon Cart – The first thing that we do instantly & it’s an absolute TOP priority for us is the Abandon Cart flow, it’s urgent as when people don’t do this correctly it’s losing them several % on their total revenue.
  • Unique Abandon Cart – Similar to above but tailored uniquely to a specific product, we teach you how to set these triggers up.
  • Browse Abandon – Extremely similar to Abandon cart and can generate almost the exact same returns too! This is an incredible flow & can start to really bring you some good revenue!
  • Unique Browse Abandon – Similar to above but tailored uniquely to a specific product, we teach you how to set these triggers up.
  • New Customer Thank You – This is basically a flow to show your newly acquired customers that you love them! It’s a chance to indoctrinate (fancy word for pulling them in and teaching them more about your brand) indoctrinate them into your brand & ethos, it’s a chance to make them fall in love with you & have them eager to purchase again & again!
  • Return Customer Thank You – This is a similar yet smaller flow to your New Customer Welcome however it’s just acknowledging that they have come back & how appreciative you are that they chose to purchase from you again!
  • Upsell – This flow is triggered when a person makes a certain purchase, we’ll send a product that makes sense to them to purchase with a few sneaky copywriting strategies involved!
  • Re-Engagement Campaign – An incredible campaign that is triggered at 90 days of in-active none open customers, once they hit that mark we send a series of super curiosity based emails aiming to get an open or unsubscribe, this is a great way to either re-engage or automatically clean your list.
  • Re-engagement Contest – When someone opens in the re-engagement campaign there’s an option to join the content, this is basically a way to convert those back into buyers, it’s a great way to create a gameification way to bring old inactive subscribers back into play.
  • VIP Flows – Find your BEST, DREAM customers, speak to them as if they were your family & convert them as if they were your raving fans, this flow is designed to target your dream customers & treat them as if they were special to you (which they are).
  • Birthday Flows – A flow that triggers when it is somebodies birthday! How many times have you been sent an email from your favorite online store on your birthday? My chances are probably NEVER. This is a great strategy to stand out from the crowd, build an incredible relationship & make some extra $$
  • Lead Generation Conversion Flows – Oh this is my favorite! Why? Because it’s one of my highest profit generating flows that I’ve created to date, it’s a flow that takes a “un-engaged” visitor & turns them into an eager to buy customer utilizing powerful copy designed by some of the worlds best! (ps, if you want to get my highly converting email templates completely free just click here)
  • Giveaway Flows – Learned from the amazing Tanner Larson, this strategy is an incredible way to bring in potential customers that are extremely interested in a specific product & using a clever campaign Tanner teaches you to turn those curious prospects into raving customers.
  • Win-Back Campaigns – A cheeky discount ladder flow designed to peak the interest of existing customers that haven’t visited or purchased in around 120 days… It’s a great way to automatically reach out to your fans & customers encouraging them to come back, make a purchase & fall back in love with you and your brand.

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