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“How to Easily Increase the Opens, Clicks AND Sales for Every Single Email You Send with These Proven Breakthrough Strategies.”

Dear Email Warrior,

How would you like me to show you how to write the greatest email ever just like I did for John Carlton?

Well now is your chance.

I’m going to show the first 1,000 warriors who respond to this offer

how to write the greatest email they have ever written on a live webinar.

Youll also be learning the following:

  • The simple strategy that will sky rocket your open rates. (And it has nothing to do with your subject line, but it is sure to piss off all the self-appointed email gurus)
  • How to easily send your click rates through the roof. (While building rapport and a relationship with your list thats built on trust.)
  • The 1 and most ACCURATE way to tell if your emails kick ass or need improvement. (A client is painstakingly changing OVER 1000 emails based on this strategy Yes! Its that IMPORTANT!)
  • Warning! Before you listen to anyone about email marketing, ask yourself these three questions (Blindly following advice from fake experts can no will KILL your email response!)
  • The three things you MUST ask yourself before hitting the send button. (Dont do this, and youll suffer the consequences)
  • The psychological strategy that compels your subscribers to read more of your emails. (Without using deception or stupid tricks like many of the so-called email experts)
  • The insiders secret to testing emailsEFFECTIVELY. (The number of so-called email experts who dont even know how to do a valid or effective email test, properly interpret the results or even how many times they should be testing emails is mind blowing!)
  • How to format your emails for MAXIMUM response and sales. (Hint: This will be considered an utter abomination to those who would mislead you with false information on email marketing. But your subscribers and bank account will welcome it with open arms)
  • Your autoresponder service is KILLING the response to your emails. (Believe that. Its a certified fact. Im going to show you who the best pinto service is if youre on a tight budget and who is the rolls royce service that will help you maximumize your return on investment like nothing else.)
  • Open Rate Operating Table #1 $97 Value (What choice will your subscribers have other than to open your emails)
  • Click Through Breakthrough Module #2 $97 (Your subscribers are going to have one and only one choice when they read your email. It’s going to be the sweet, sweet sound of their mouse clicking your links)
  • Revenue Revival Module #3 $97 (Opens are great, and clicks are nice, but cash on demand is where it’s at baby. Ultimately you want to make more money from your email marketing efforts. This module turns more opens and more clicks and sometimes even less opens and clicks into even MORE REVENUE)
  • Email Mad Scientist Lab Module #4 $97 (It’s going to feel good knowing exactly what works and what doesn’t in your emails. You’ll be able to easily test all aspects of your emails the right way and send your profits into the atmosphere with the simple steps in this module..even if your autoresponder service sucks and doesn’t “APPEAR” to allow testing!)


  • No Email Marketer Left Behind Hotseat Webinar $97. (You didn’t think I was going to lay all this amazing information on you and then just leave, did you? I’m going to give you a chance to digest and consume this delicious meal set before you, and then I’ll answer ALL your questions live. How does that sound?
  • Well, I’m going to make it even better. Don’t just submit your questions to me. Submit your actual emails that you have written or made changes based on what you learn. I’ll be analyzing a lot of them and making money-producing suggestions live on this epic hotseat webinar!)
  • The Email Abomination Interview Series $47. (I used my 6’11” height to intimidate some of the world’s REAL leading experts on email response to answer my most burning questions and help expose some of the worst email marketing advice ever given)
  • The Email Marketing Devotional $47. (I’m not going to preach from the bible, but you’ll be hearing the good word of heavenly email marketing advice each and every week.for LIFE)
  • Email Marketing Lies Exposed Priceless. (A massive part of the problem is the complete and utter b.s. coming from these email snake-oil salesman. I’m going to expose the biggest lies in email marketing so you don’t make bad decisions based on absolute garbage.)

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