James Beattie – Business Builder Live
What you’re going to experience over the next 90 days…

  • I’ll be taking you on the full journey. I’m going to work at least 7 hours per week on this specific store. I want to replicate the process most of you guys are going through. Most of you guys have a 9 to 5, kids other obligations. I’ve been there I used to do it too.
  • Working 10 hours a day on your business just isn’t realistic for a lot of people. Thats why I wanted to limit my time spent on the business and also start with a small budget to make it as close to your experience as possible.
  • The Store
  • I will be holding nothing back. You will know the store, the niche and the products. I will be taking you through the whole building and optimisation process as 90 days goes on.
  • You will be able to watch me build out ads from scratch. Do the research into the niche. Scale and optimise campaigns.
  • Get inside my head and pick my brain about why I am making the adjustments that I do.
    The Ads
  • The Community
  • For this store their will be a huge focus on building out a community. No one really talks about this. I will be showing you how I will be building a thriving group of fans that believe in the message of our company.
  • One of the big goals of this company is to implement a subscription based model where we have continuity in the business. This will eventually allow us to sell the company for a lot more on exit.
  • The People
  • You will be joining a group of like minded entrepreneurs who are doing this stuff too. Discuss strategy share results and grow your network. After all you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Spend it with people who have similar goals in mind.

Sales Page: http://archive.is/JrD1S
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