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TradinMind Sessions

  • Trading-to-Win Mindset – The sole purpose of trading is to make money. This session emphasizes the importance of sticking to your system by solidifying your winning mindset.
  • Strength to Take Your Losses – If you’ve traded for any period of time, you know the importance of taking your losses when your system tells you to do so. Riding losses has been the doom of many. Infuse yourself with the strength to take your losses.
  • Maintaining Discipline – Good trading discipline is what separates winners from losers. This session will employ you to do your market homework, follow through, and use your stops… bringing you closer to success.
  • Handling Fears and Emotions – The fast-paced nature of stocks, bonds, or commodities trading can give rise to negative fears and emotions. Build your commitment to trading consistency and watch your fears dissipate.
  • Maintaining Focus – Focus is the opposite of distraction. Rather than allowing daily distractions to take you down a losing path, stay on the winning path by focusing your thoughts and energies on your market work. Visualize Success – Unless you CLEARLY see yourself as a confident, positive and successful trader, you may find negative thoughts and influences creeping into your vision of self. See your future as bright… and profitable!
  • Coping with Losses – We know that losses are an integral part of trading and cannot be avoided. So why is there so much emotion around taking losses? Separate yourself as a person from role as a trader with this vital session.
  • Reversing Bad Trading Habits – Lifting stops as the market gets near them? Repeating the same trading mistakes over and over again? Use this mental training session to define your mistakes and get back to what you KNOW you should be doing!
  • Controlling Over-Confidence – Giving back your profit after a winning streak seems to happen so quickly. You’re getting carried away and losing control instead of staying cool! Recognize the early signs of over-confidence and stay on the winning path.
  • Living in the Success Zone – Winners seem to keep winning, and losers, well. Winning is a state of mind first and a reality second. Let your mind work FOR YOU rather than against you with this powerful session.

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