Index trade system “‘Set And Forget’ Trading Profits in Under 10 Minutes a Day”
“If You’re After ‘Set And Forget’ Trading Profits in Under 10 Minutes a Day with NO Complex Rules and NO Staring Mindlessly at a Screen all Day then KrautGap is For You.”
Check this out:

  • One Index to check (the DAX). No multi-screen, constant flipping between share prices and Indices. If you have a bog-standard computer, you can do this.
  • Check it just ONCE each day (unless you can’t wait to see your profits, in which case you need to check it twice!). You’ll be pushed to spend more than five minutes a day on this, but I suppose you should allow ten.
  • A true ‘set and forget’ system. That means you’re not ‘sweating the market’, watching tedious graphs all day or anything like that. You look, decide, pull the trigger and get on with your day. There is nothing to watch, no tricky exit decisions to make, no hard to fathom entry rules.
  • Strictly limited losses. No system can win every time of course. But with KrautGap you simply cannot lose more than (say) £52 if the trade goes against you (and it will from time to time, of course). Meanwhile…
    Fantastic upside gains of 28, 48, 70, 132 points and a WIN rate of up to 80%!
  • PLUS, and this is a BIG ONE, once you master gap trading there are many other systems Mark and I can introduce you to with lots of profit potential.
  • In fact we already include a major bonus in the form of NASGAP – another highly successful trading system on the US NASDAQ 100 market.

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