Here is what’s included : 

Add confidence to your trading plan with Fibonacci relationships and ratios
Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How the Golden Ratio can help you see trading opportunities
  • What the most important Fibonacci relationships are
  • How Fibonacci ratios and numbers relate to the overall wave structure
  • How Fibonacci relationships can help add confidence to your wave count
  • How to project valuable time and price targets using Fibonacci dividers
  • How to use Fibonacci time periods to anticipate trend reversals
  • Which Fibonacci price retracements to expect in corrective waves
  • How to establish Fibonacci clusters and leverage them in your trading decisions
  • How to formulate your own low-risk entry strategy
  • How to project moves so you can evaluate risk-reward and exit strategies
  • Techniques to help you set and properly manage risk-limiting stops
  • How to put it all together and generate your own high-confidence trading strategy

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