Groupon Predator + OTOs

This Hot New Training Includes EXACTLY what you need…

The new training covers everything including…

  • ** How to get to $5000 monthly, without spending a dime.
  • ** Why Groupon businesses have such poor cash flow.
  • ** ANSWERED: Why do many Groupon businesses lose money but THINK they’re making money!
  • ** The ONLY way to select a niche that we recommend.
  • ** You MUST test the niche for this ONE important factor (or risk wasting your time)!
  • ** The minimum number of businesses you MUST email per day (if you want great results).
  • ** How to use the C.L. Template in the tools folder.
  • ** The #1 objective for each email we send (no, it’s not to get a deal).
  • ** Why The “Special Report” you’ll use is a necessity!
  • ** The 2 Best Approaches to sending emails – pros and cons. Our choice and why…
  • ** The 2 best Chrome Extensions/Plugins for mailing campaigns (one is free!).
  • ** The proven follow up email schedule you should follow.
  • ** Crap! What to do if you receive a negative reply to your email?
  • ** How much of your fee MUST you get upfront and why (critical).
  • ** What you need to do IMMEDIATELY after signing the client (to ensure much better communication going forward).
  • ** The 4 ways you can offer to receive payment and which ones are best.
  • ** The service and specifics you’ll provide that will beat Groupon’s offers easily!
  • ** The communication service we use that beats everything else.
  • ** Discover the 4 Simple Steps to provide the service to local clients (after a few clients this gets to be old hat!)
  • ** The Hard Truth: The #1 reason many discount deals fail!
  • ** If the client doesn’t have THIS, you MUST get one for them.
  • ** How the ‘FlowCharts’ really work and why they’re so powerful.
  • ** Which AD images work best (based on testing).
  • ** AD analysis: The process that gets the best results (follow it closely to save a lot of money).
  • ** How your client can start with a tiny budget and expand with profits (they will love this)!
  • ** How to upsell and what to charge for services.
  • ** How to approach Groupon businesses like a real pro.

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