Giles Thomas – Conversion Machine
Learn a Proven Process to Increase your Conversion Rate & Grow your Business

  • Module 1. Profit Optimization
  • This module is about the truth behind conversion optimization, the mindset you need to be a truly great optimizer and what it really takes to get high conversion rates
  • Module 2. Data Collection
  • This module is all about qualitative and quantitative data collection. Here you’ll learn not only the theory behind what to collect and why, you’ll learn step-by-step processes in granular detail so you can execute the same processes and skip all the learning and costly mistakes we endured to refine our approach.
  • Module 3. Data Analysis & Hypothesis
  • This module is all about data analysis and hypothesis creation and prioritization. Learn the exact and detailed processes I created to analyse all your data sources for killer insights. Learn how to make that data actionable and turn it into test hypotheses. Ideas to test for improved conversion rates on your website. Learn how to build on your customer theory based on the data analysed and how it translates into value propositions, customer personas and brand positioning statements.
  • Module 4. Execution
  • In this module you learn how to execute your website change and redesigns ready for testing. I’ll walk you step by step through copywriting, wireframing and designing your new website pages based on your data. You’ll also learn design principles, principles of persuasion and development best practices for seo and speed. I’ve created a sales framework for landing pages and any sales messages you can follow that gets consistent results and that can drive leads and sales for your business.
  • Module 5. Testing
  • In this module you learn how to test your new website changes. You’ll learn about the different types of testing, testing rules and how to implement and interpret tests.

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