Galen Woods – DayTrading with Price Action

You’ll learn how to analyze, protect, and improve.

Analyze Price Action

  • Identify price swings and draw trend lines objectively
  • Track price momentum with swing pivot analysis
  • Analyze the market bias with trend lines and price flow
  • Define congestion zones precisely and take advantage of them
  • Enter the market at short-term turning points
  • Select high probability setups

Limit Your Risk

  • Limit your losses with logical stop-loss methods
  • Secure profits with reliable price targets
  • Aim for positive expectancy in your trades
  • Determine your safe position trade size
  • Manage the business risks of trading for a living
  • Maintain trading discipline with a practical action plan

Improve Your Trading

  • Hone your discretionary trading skills systematically
  • Keep useful trading records to improve your trading edge

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