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The online marketing space is filled with spammy guru’s promising a quick buck by showing you the latest sleazy ‘hacks’. They sell you a course, then disappear, expecting you to figure it out yourself.

But information is useless without implementation. That’s what inspired me to create The Funnel Academy. We have two main goals:

  • 1. To give you a proven framework that’s helped 100’s of businesses see profit from Facebook
  • 2. To coach you EVERY WEEK as you work through our framework, keeping you accountable and ensuring you see success (it’s impossible to fail if you follow our process!)
  • How does this sound?
  • Live WEEKLY Checkup Calls – Have me look over all your ads, content & marketing, ensuring you see success FAST
  • Video Trainings – Follow our process step-by-step with easy to follow video training
  • Templates – Because sometimes filling out templates and forms is fun… right?
  • Constant Support – Got a question? We’ll be there to answer it.
  • Private Community – You could do this alone, but why when you could do it with others?

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