French Trader – Nasdaq Trading Strategies


This trading strategies eBook will teach you all the winning trading strategies that professionals use during the opening of the trading sessions.

You will learn how to trade with price action and price indicators from Futures markets, including volume profile (professional markets).

I have been practicing technical analysis and trading for over 7 years and I assure you that it is useless to stay 10 hours a day in front of your screen to be profitable…

I’ll show you how to focus on quality and not quantity.

You will know how to take advantage of the flow of trading sessions and achieve +100 pips quickly without spending too much time in front of your screen…

INCLUDED: risk management strategies to be profitable over the long term.

What type of trader is this eBook for?

For all traders who want to make daily gains without spending hours in front of their screens. This eBook will teach you winning trading strategies but also how to optimize your time to earn more.

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