What you’ll learn

  • Webinar Formats And Tools
  • Speaking Tips
  • Delivering Value on Your Webinar
  • The Sales Pitch
  • Marketing
  • Generating Leads with Webinars
  • Making Money with Webinars
  • Preparing for Your Webinar
  • Types of Webinar Software
  • Using Affiliates to Promote Your Webinars
  • Using Google Hangouts for Webinars
  • Webinars for Your Coaching Business
  • Downloadable Webinar Sample Scripts

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Discover the secrets of SUCCESSFUL WEBINARS.

  • Day 1 : Webinar Formats And Tools
    • Webinars can be used for more than just selling a new special offer. You can get very creative in how you use and position webinar marketing in your business.
    • Paid webinars can be extremely profitable if you position them correctly. When you offer private group coaching or training sessions, you can charge premium rates just as you would if you offered a private live workshop for premium clients.
    • There are many webinar providers on the market. Some are free and others are paid. It is important that you understand what is available and what kind of budget you need to set based on your webinar goals.
    • Most webinar providers offer trials. Be sure to test out a few before you make your final decision.
  • Day 2 : Speaking Tips
    • 80 percent of attendees are multi-tasking while on a webinar! Direct your entire webinar preparation to keeping their attention.
    • Focus on vocal delivery because attendees can’t see you. Very often you will be on a webinar without a webcam so your only tool is your voice. Use it wisely.
    • Remember the KISS protocol: Keep it Simple, Speaker! Use only 5 bullets (or fewer) per slide. If your audience is busy trying to read your slide, then they are likely not listening to your voice. Avoid this at all costs.
    • Remember Murphy’s Law and hold it close to your heart: You can absolutely count on bad things happening. Have contingency plans.
    • Have some fun! Smile so your positive energy comes through and remember that your audience wants to be entertained as much as they want to be educated.
    • Create trust. Use stories about your life. The goal is to build the know, like and trust factor with your audience. The more real you are, the more likely you are to create this bond.
    • Do a test rehearsal of the entire webinar from webinar registration right through to webinar delivery and completion. This will help you visualise the entire process in advance and catch any potential problems before they occur on a live webinar.
  • Day 3 : Delivering Value on Your Webinar
    • Webinars are the “new learning paradigm.” With the cost of travel to attend live events on the rise, many companies are switching to webinars and web meetings as the standard.
    • If a webinar is a complete sales pitch, people will tune out and you miss the opportunity to sell to them again. Focus on delivering value and make the sales pitch a secondary goal.
    • Put in the work to make your content shine. You cannot shortcut the quality of your webinar presentation. People can tell very quickly if your material is worth consuming. Put your best foot forward at all times.
    • What are your learning objectives? Before anything, define what you want attendees to learn. Make sure you share these objectives at the beginning of your presentation so they know what to expect.
    • Try to keep webinars to 60 minutes or less. After that length of time, people lose focus and begin to drop out.
    • Make sure you start on time. Don’t forget to record. A good idea is to create a note that outlines every step of the webinar so you don’t forget anything.
    • If you mess up, just keep going. It is a live event and even the highest paid professional speakers still make mistakes. You’re human and so is your audience.
  • Day 4 : The Sales Pitch
    • Don’t sell too early. Provide value beforehand, and show the prospect why they should accept your ideas and solutions.
    • Build excitement – tell them to stay on to the end so they can get a special bonus or gift.
    • Make a “Big Promise.” What is the single big benefit they will get from the webinar. In one sentence, what will they get or what skills will they learn?
    • Provide visual social proof like screenshots or comments from current users. Show visual proof in all kinds of forms. Be creative.
    • Deliver content that meets your Big Promise. Give them real valuable content that shows how to get the benefits you said you could deliver.
    • Once you have delivered your core content and delivered on the education you promised, you have earned the right to sell.
    • Present your product, service or solution. Realize they will believe you and go along with your pitch if they were already sold on your Big Promise.
  • Day 5 : Marketing
    • Marketing is an important key to the success of your webinar. Ideally, your target market will be largely sold before the webinar even starts.
    • Email your tribe. Send alerts. Use social media to get the word out: use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (make videos), and your other social media channels
    • Promote your webinar early and often. The web is busy and you need to cut through the clutter
    • Previewing your content is an effective way to give people an idea of what they’ll learn, and how they will benefit.
    • Test press releases as a way to build buzz for your webinar
    • Get creative with your webinar marketing and remember that you are competing for eye balls so you want to make sure you don’t leave any stone unturned that could potentially fill a webinar room.
  • Day 6 : Additional topics on the benefits of having webinars
    • Why Use Webinars for Your Business ?
    • Generating Leads with Webinars
    • Making Money with Webinars
    • Preparing for Your Webinar
    • Types of Webinar Software
    • Using Affiliates to Promote Your Webinars
    • Using Google Hangouts for Webinars
    • Webinars for Your Coaching Business
  • Day 7 : Downloadable Webinar Sample Scripts In PDF
    • Webinar Squeeze Page Sample Script PDF
    • Webinar Reminder Email Sequence Sample Script PDF
    • Webinar Thank You Page Sample Script PDF
    • Webinar Purchase Email Sample Script PDF
    • Post Webinar Email Sequence Sample Script PDF

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking at hosting webinars
  • Aspiring coaches, trainers, sales persons, entrepreneurs

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