The Complete Swipe File CD containing 207 sales letters, completely written and ready to implement on CD in Microsoft Word format PLUS Hard Copies of all the letters. Included are letters for prospecting new clients, letters to existing clients, upgrade and cross-selling, lost client reactivation and generating referrals. All the hard work has been done for you.

$200 Gift Certificate from 3D Mail Results to be used on any 3D Mail Results Product. One sample of each product we currently stock. Youll get one pill bottle, one bank bag, one mini self-mailing trash can, one treasure chest You get the idea. 36 items in all. You can touch them, feel them, hold them, check them out to see which ones will work best for your business. Why 3D Mail Gets Such Great Results: This covers all the basic ins and outs of using 3D Mail, how to use it properly for maximum success, and why you should be testing 3D Mail throughout your direct mail campaigns. 350 of the Best Headlines of All Time and The 25 Best Fill-in-The-Blank He

adlines: Headlines are without a doubt, the most important part of any sales message. The best ones have been around for years. They are tested and proven, so why reinvent the wheel? The Top Thirteen Mistakes in Preparing a Sales Letter: When you sit down to write a letter using 3D Mail, you wont make the same mistakes we see time and time again when reviewing and critiquing work from our clients. Why Premiums/Free Gifts Out Perform Discounts and Rebates: This report explains how you can use Free Gifts with-OUT having to discount or rebate your products/services.

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