Every damn “thing” that’s directly responsible for almost $50 MILLION in sales. We’ve bundled up every email, advertisement, and text message we’ve profited from over the past decade AND we’re throwing in more examples, breakdowns so you can see why they worked, and plug-and-play templates to easily make them your own (just change a few words and send)!
​Proven, real-world strategies we use to get customers and sales ASAP. Between getting ALL of Billy’s new and timeless courses, trainings, books, closed-door “you had to be there” event recordings, speaking gigs, and more, you’re getting at LEAST a few hundred tactics you can use immediately.
​Done-for-you Promotions and Creatives! You don’t have to start from scratch anymore! Just copy our promotions, our sales pages, our best email subject lines, Billy’s 14-part Video Sales Letter Script, and more, and watch the sales fly in!
​Scaling Processes, AKA what we’ve used to grow from 0 to 8-figures in annual revenue. Not sure what to sell? Clueless on what to say in your ads or how to say it? No idea who to show your ads to? Need to make your next hire? Don’t worry, we have books, worksheets, score cards, checklists, and metrics for all of that. And now you do too.
​Unfiltered advice from the top entrepreneurs and influencers you already follow. Billy’s interviewed some of the smartest, most successful, and influential entrepreneurs, entertainers, and athletes — and now you’ll have access to them too.
​Sales Training, Scripts, and More! Tired of hearing “no”? Wish your customers would ask YOU that magic question: “So how do we get started?” Billy’s giving you countless sales scripts, trainings, audio recordings, sales demos, and templates to help you sell like a beast, AKA sell like a Geneius!

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