What’s Waiting For You
Inside “Finance For Founders”
Module 1:Goal Setting For Financial Fitness
In this module Alexa reveals her “6-Step Pyramid” for building a risk-averse, cash-rich and growing business.

You’ll walk away being crystal clear on both your financial goals and exactly what it’s going to take to achieve them.

  • What a high-paid executive coach told Alexa that forever changed the way she sets and achieves her financial goals!
  • A “backwards technique” Alexa uses to set a goal and confidently reach that revenue number.
  • The famous “6-Step Financial Pyramid” to a consistently cash-rich business.
  • Do this today to avoid the #1 most common mistake most entrepreneurs make with their business financials.

Module 2:Getting Organized
In this module you’ll get your financial house in order by getting everything organized the right way. From business structures and navigating the different types of debt, to protecting yourself and your business with proper insurance, it’s all here.

  • LLC, S Corp, etc. What business structure is best and most profitable for your business? Do this exercise to find out.
  • Alexa’s 3 keys to finding the absolute best business credit cards.
  • How to know exactly how much salary you should be paying yourself.
  • Why “blurring the lines” between personal and business accounts is one of the quickest ways to end up broke. Use this advice instead.

Module 3:Finance Basics: Numbers Don’t Lie
In this module you’ll master the finance basics without all the normal complexities. You’ll be able to see how your numbers tell the story of both the current health of your business and where it’s headed in the future.

  • How to easily read and understand financial reports like your Balance Sheet, P&L, and Cash Flow Statement.
  • The simple equation that helps business owners make more money.
  • What Alexa believes is the worst thing you can do when dealing with your finances.
  • Alexa’s 2 “must-have” people in any profitable business.

Module 4:Multi-Year Financial Growth Plan & Budget
In this module Alexa will help you forecast and build out both your financial growth plan and budget. This financial plan becomes your north star, helping you to make strategic growth decisions and experience predictable profitability.

  • The “9-Grid Checklist” for crafting a financially sound and growth oriented business plan.
  • Why Alexa’s “Money Minute” will help you make more, keep more, and feel completely in control of finances..
  • Top “leaky bucket” mistakes most business owners make when dealing with their budget.
  • How to accurately forecast where your business and profits can be in 3 years!

Module 5:The Finance Of Scaling Up – Hiring, Growth, Etc
In this module you’ll learn how to scale up quickly the right way from someone who’s done it. You’ll learn about some of the absolute biggest leverage points of growth and how to align your financials to make them work for you even more.

  • Alexa’s game changing advice about where almost all entrepreneurs should be immediately reinvesting their profits for massive returns!
  • How a single “no duh” email from a current customer turned LearnVest into the fastest growing financial planning software in the US.
  • The 3 most common and costly mistakes founders make when trying to scale. Avoid these at all costs!
  • What’s the #1 biggest expense for nearly all businesses? Alexa reveals it here and tells you exactly where most people go completely wrong with it.

Bonus Module:Venture Capital Fundraising & Pitching
In this bonus module Alexa teaches you both her very own multi-million dollar pitch deck and her 6-step fundraising process. Since she’s been on both sides of the investor table – both raising hundreds of millions of dollars and investing in companies herself, she can show you exactly what to do to succeed when you’re ready.

  • Exactly what needs to be included in your “15 Slide Deck”.
  • How to know if (and when) raising money is right for your business.
  • Alexa’s proven “6-Step Fundraising Process.
  • And so much more!

Invest Cents Now to Save Thousands Later
Think of it.when business owners solely focus on earning money without ever taking the time to solidify their financial foundation, it’s like pouring water into a leaky bucket. You might fill it up momentarily, but sooner or later it finds its way out.
That’s why true entrepreneurs know it’s not just about how much you make, but how much you keep that really matters!
You could shell out a six-figure salary and bring on an expensive CFO.
Or you could simply invest in the Finance For Founders program, and for barely 50 cents a day, get access to the mind and strategies of a 9-figure founder and someone who’s world renown for their financial expertise.
You’ll get to sidestep the costly lessons of faulty financial thinking and start saving money right away by working smarter, not just harder.
Plus Finance For Founder qualifies as a tax-deductible expense under the continuous education category, so you can write it off come tax time.

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