Flipadom + OTOs
Flipadom is based on the actual results that Bobby D has achieved, buying and selling domains, and making a tidy profit. He has a full time job, working incredibly long hours, but has been doing this in his spare time.
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JV Page : https://www.phlos.net/flipadom-sales/
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FE: http://www.phlos.net/6hjashk87hn-fli6pado8m-asyu77udacse/

OTO1: http://www.phlos.net/6hjashk87hn-fli6pado8m-asoto1yu7h184kvcb/

OTO2: http://www.phlos.net/6hjashk87hn-fli6pado8m-asoto2mmk432h/

OTO3: http://www.phlos.net/6hjashk87hn-fli6pado8m-asoto3lla9dha/