Here is what’s included : 

It is a vast 381-page dossier of the latest affiliate marketing tips, tricks and strategies.
Topics Inside Include

  • The Cloaking Economy: Let’s Talk Reality
  • Why most advice handed out to affiliates is complete and utter bullshit. This is affiliate marketing’s dirty little secret. If you don’t understand the cloaking economy, nobody can help you.
  • A Breakdown of Popular Verticals and Traffic Types in 2016
  • Every popular traffic type and vertical assessed and rated for the year ahead. What are the best opportunities for affiliates in 2016? What verticals and traffic sources are endangered?
  • Tips to Conquer Native Advertising in 2016
  • The industry is pissing its pants with excitement at the prospect of ‘going native’. This post explains what you need to know about native advertising. It’s packed with tips for getting profitable, creative ‘hacks’, and insights in to all of the top
  • Native platforms.
  • Tips to Conquer Pop Advertising in 2016
  • Are you trying and failing to get profitable on pop traffic sources? Here we look at the quirks of each major traffic source, strategies for conquering them, and thoughts on dealing with lead quality issues.
  • The Blitzkrieg Approach to Finding Big Money Campaigns
  • How to make money from affiliate marketing without knowing a damn thing about affiliate marketing — with a little help from low bids, redirect networks, and some reverse engineering.
  • Stock Creatives: How to Assemble a Library of Moneymaking Assets
  • How much time do you waste building landing pages and banners that disappear in to a folder marked ‘To Sort’ never to be seen or heard from again? This philosophy will change how you think about your business ‘assets’.
  • How to Get Maximum Value From Paid Traffic with Flow Management
  • You pay for traffic, so why are you wasting it? Flow Management is the principle of squeaking every last dollar from every single campaign you launch. This post explains why you need to look beyond basic optimisation to get ahead.
  • Landing Page 101: The White Hat, Grey Hat, Black Hat, Ass Hat
  • A dumping ground of landing page ‘hacks’ that have added extra ROI to my campaigns over the years. These tricks range from the white hat to the ass hat. Their mastery is the essence of what it means to be an affiliate marketer. Read this with a bar of soap at hand.
  • The Publisher Perspective: Building Assets and Monetising Any Niche
  • My thoughts on life after affiliate marketing, how to build assets and monetise any niche, publisher placement tips that will increase revenue on any site you own, the explosion of native arbitrage and why our skill set is perfectly set to make a lot of money if we make a few smart investments.
  • The Gamification of Affiliate Marketing: Tips For Staying Motivated
  • How to break the cycle of euphoric highs and crashing lows. This post turns your long-term income targets in to a daily game with clear direction, visible progress and well-defined rewards.
  • Affiliate Team Building: Hiring, Firing and The Foundations of Success
  • How can I build an affiliate marketing team without having to teach some sucker everything I know? This post shows how you can create a functional team by breaking the affiliate skillset in to various easily learnable steps.
  • Advanced Competitive Strategy in Affiliate Marketing
  • A monster post — my final affiliate marketing post — takes a sweeping view of the industry and how you can plot a path through it. We analyse the various philosophies that can lead to success, their traits, their challenges, and what you can do to build a long-term affiliate business.
  • Finch’s Updated List of Affiliate Marketing Resources For 2016
  • Well, it was already a beast. My Ultimate List of Affiliate Marketing Resources is now updated with a bunch of new networks, traffic sources and various tools I’ve picked up over the last couple of years. This list alone will keep you busy for weeks.
  • That’s 381 pages, 64,599 words of the most up-to-date, cutting edge affiliate marketing insights anybody is going to publish anytime soon.

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