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What Everybody Ought to Know About Continuity Income Plus How A Tiny Tweak In My Business Lead To $11,476 In Recurring Revenue In Just 13 Days Without Hassle or Overwhelm.
In Fact, Here Is Every Module Laid Out for You.

  • MODULE 01
  • Strategic System Overview &
  • The ‘Private Members-Only’ Formula
  • We get straight to the point by delivering you the PROVEN, income generating formula right here in the first module.
  • You’ll be off to a HUGE HEAD START by completing this lesson, you’ll discover why Video is critical PLUS You’ll get my
  • Mental Toughness Hacks forcing you to execute and implement every lesson in this training for bigger profits & growth, you’ll discover why Recurring Revenue & Continuity is critical PLUS a step by step overview of the system and how to get the most out if it and the fastest results. Also included is my ‘kick in the pants’ video ensuring that you’ll execute right from day 1 forcing you to implement every lesson in this training for bigger profits & growth.
  • MODULE 02
  • The Perfect Recurring Revenue Model
  • I break down THE Top 3 best and easiest funnels to generate continuity profits the fastest way starting today. Low Ticket,
  • Mid Ticket, High Ticket, Software, Service – I show you which one works the best and how to get a head start. You never have to wonder where to start or what the best source of recurring revenue is – this Module get you set up immediately ready to execute and implement with the perfect Business Model for continuity profits.
  • MODULE 03
  • My EXACT Landing Pages,
  • Sign Up Pages & Templates
  • This is LITERALLY Gold. I’ve been doing this for 8 years and I perfected my sign up pages, trial pages and videos to sell recurring revenue offers quickly and easily. Today YOU get access to all of them and you can leverage them immediately.
  • This saves you an awful lot of time and headaches because now you never have to figure this stuff out by Trial and Error.
  • You just literally swipe my landing page, my format, my PROVEN set up and you’re 100% ready to go! It doesn’t get anymore REAL WORLD.
  • MODULE 04
  • My Funnels Hacked & Exposed
  • Well this is where the rubber meets the road. I have different SIMPLE funnels to bring in continuity revenue and in this module I’m breaking them down for you step by step. Traffic sources, sales triggers, offer structure, follow up – you get everything delivered on a silver platter. Do you want to figure this stuff out yourself with trial and error wasting your time & efforts or do you rather just swipe my proven funnels and get started in minutes? The choice is yours!
  • MODULE 05
  • Selling Recurring Offers Like Hot Cakes From Day 1
  • Well I found a CRAZY powerful way to get a massive influx of new members within just days. And here is the best part, they will LOVE you for making a recurring offer. This is THE best non-sales way I’ve found to offer my membership sites and like I said, people literally email me to thank me for how awesome everything is. I can’t give this strategy away here on the sales page but be aware that this one strategy added over 35k in yearly recurring revenue plus $3.5k in monthly commission to my business in the last 4 weeks alone!
  • MODULE 06
  • Tactical Tools & Proven 5 Star Retention Strategies
  • Getting members on board is great but the true secret is to KEEP members on board and to keep them happy. Not just that, but to turn them into raving fans telling others about your offers and services. I’ll share my top retention strategies in this module so that you can immediately increase your stick rate the moment you get members on board. This will guarantee long term recurring revenue for you and that right this is THE most powerful thing you can have in this game.
  • Plus, I also share the behind the scenes of my Members Area set up, how I take payments & all that good stuff.
  • MODULE 07
  • 2 Powerful REAL Case Studies
  • 100% Behind The Scenes
  • Well this is why everyone loves my products. REAL WORLD case studies based on RESULTS, not theory. One of my membership sites got over 1500 members. In the last 4 weeks alone I used Facebook Strategies & other traffic sources to bring in hundreds of members and in these 2 case studies I show you exactly, STEP BY STEP how I did it. I’m talking actual
  • Facebook Ads, my exact offer, the Trial Offer, my Webinar Offer – You GET EVERYTHING on a silver platter. This will save you thousands of dollars, endless time and headaches because now literally you see how I do it and you can just swipe my ads, copy and process TODAY!

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