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Welcome to Elev8 Forex Trading Course

Our strategy is based around supply and demand trading which incorporates aspects of smart money. We’re unique as we teach both HTF and LTF entries which means there’s a strategy that suits everyone.

Benefits of the Elev8 Trading Strategy:

  • We’re able to utilise alerts for entries, which means we can go about our day whilst waiting for the entry alerts. As soon as the alert goes off, the order gets placed.
  • Actual required chart time is low and can be done from a phone (after morning analysis) which is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle or those who don’t want to be glued to the charts for 8 hours a day.
  • There’s little discretion. The last thing you want to be doing when entering a trade is hesitating or guessing. Our strategy has almost 0 discretion which means that we know exactly where to enter, how to manage and were to close the trade every time.
  • Our mechanical strategy is replicable across years of backtesting which builds your confidence and enables you to trade effortlessly.
  • Our courses are perfect for beginners to advanced students. Whether you’re brand new to the markets or have years of experience, the course teaches the strategy from start to finish, leaving no gaps.
  • We are fully transparent with wins and losses. Losing is a part of the game and there’s no wins without losses, which is why we share both with our members. This builds confidence in the students as they know that any losses they took are valid and keeps morale high.
  • Morning analysis is posted daily to guide students on what the market is doing and where it could be heading next.

Here at Elev8 Forex Trading Course we value simplicity, consistency and freedom above all else.

What’s Included In Elev8 Forex Trading Course?

  • Full video and PDF course covering each aspect of the strategy in depth.
  • Weekly live Q&A zoom calls.
  • Weekly trade recap videos breaking down each element of the strategy and putting it all together.
  • Student support from Elev8 mentors via a questions channel.
  • Live analysis chats for each pair.
  • A winning and losing trades section where members share their trades and have the option to request feedback.

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