eBay Dropshipping (The Smart Way)-Llukeprofits
Create a dropshipping business step-by-step. Work from home. Profit. Then outsource & free your time.

  • What you’ll learn
    ? How to build an online dropshipping business
    ? Step-by-step walk through of ALL account creation and settings
    ? How to find profitable products to list
    ? How to automate order fulfillment
    ? How to handle returns (without losing any money)
    ? How to win eBay cases
    ? How to have defects removed from your eBay account
    ? How to create and store passwords securely
    ? How to handle accounting
    ? How to increase profitability with Cashback, Credit Cards, and Sales Tax Exemption
    ? How to outsource and free your time
  • Requirements
    A computer with an internet connection
    Feeling comfortable using an internet browser
    Suggested: $350 available (for your eBay store subscription and required tools)
  • Description
    Dropshipping is a form of arbitrage that lets you create a store, list products, and then forward the orders that you get onto a supplier that can fulfill them. You profit the difference between the sale price and the cost of having the order fulfilled.
    It is one of the best ways to start your own e-commerce journey and learn to become an entrepreneur. Anyone in the world can make money dropshipping. All it takes is a bit of knowledge, and the diligence to keep up with your orders. The method shown in this course is the product of several years of experimentation; hundreds of students have replicated it successfully.
  • Sales Page: https://www.udemy.com/lukeprofitscourse/
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