Dr. Jane Herriman – Introduction to Julia (for programmers)

This course curriculum is designed with the objective of enabling beginner level programmers in getting up to speed with JuliaYour Instructor

Jane Herriman is Director of Diversity and Outreach at Julia Computing and a PhD student at Caltech. She is a Julia, dance, and strength training enthusiast.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
    PreviewWelcome (0:21)PreviewInstall Julia and nteractPreviewVariables and Printing (2:14)
  • Basics
    Strings (3:16)Data structures (8:10)Review
  • Control flow
    Loops (4:08)Conditionals (4:17)Functions (8:52)
  • Packages and Plotting
    Packages (3:39)Plotting (6:19)
  • Advanced topics
    Multiple Dispatch (6:51)Julia is fast! (10:38)Basic Linear Algebra (5:29)Factorizations (20:04)

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