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From: The Desk of David Deschaine, To: Anyone Looking To Make Millions in The Roofing Business – Hands Free! Let me tell you straight up… this web page can change your life. It’s not too often you get the opportunity to peer over the shoulder of a “celebrity” in this industry and watch in real time as I bank cash and turn what most would consider “stale leads” into HUGE PROFITS! But today’s your lucky day….Because I’m going to expose my entire business – right here …. right now – as I pull back the curtain and reveal my biggest secrets… secrets that bank me profits each and every day!

Module 1: Roofing Business Blueprint Training Videos

This training series is really the star of the show. You’ll watch over my shoulder as I go step-by-step thru the various training modules and help you take your roofing business to a whole new level.

From customer service training to sales force tactics? I leave no stone left unturned.

  • Video 1: Introduction – Laying the Foundation for Your Roofing Business
  • Video 2: Level 1 – Planning, Management, and Goal Setting
  • Video 3: Level 2 – Marketing, Sales Training and Production (three videos)
  • Video 4: Level 3 – Scaling The Business? Multiplying Your Business (two videos)

Module 2: Roofing Business Blueprint Training Manual

The Roofing Business Blueprint Manual took me over 8 months to complete. This is the perfect compliment to the RBB training videos.

In this manual I break down everything I teach into bite-sized nuggets of GOLD ? and show you exactly what you need to do to increase revenue and run your business on virtual autopilot.

This 155 page PDF manual reinforces everything taught in the training videos? PLUS has many added bonus sections you’ll find completely astonishing.

This manual could easily sell on it’s own for $97 on store bookshelves (and believe me I thought about doing that) ? but I decided to include it for you in the Roofing Business Blueprint training course as well.

Module 3: Roofing Estimator Pro Software And Training Tutorials

Roofing Estimator Pro is your complete Roofing Business Software packed with features that include:

Creating roofing proposals & contracts on the jobs site and uploading pictures to use in the sales process making you look like a true professional roofing contractor.

The program also includes a job calendar for scheduling your appointments and links everything to your customers – no more sifting through stacks of paperwork. This feature truly makes life easy!

The system also includes a detailed report dashboard feature to keep track of your sales for quick reference so you can get a “complete” look at your business at a glance. Know instantly what your profits and losses are… and how to add to the revenue streams.

The Roofing Estimator Pro Software also has letter templates with a fully integrated email system built into the software. The software comes fully loaded with product photos, price lists, and you can setup users for the office, and also keep track of all the materials used for each job. The system can be installed on a server for a local area network or installed onto a laptop to keep your office mobile. Talk about true convenience and organization!

Plus you’ll receive an entire suite of step-by-step training videos to show you exactly how to setup the Roofing Estimator pro Software and how to use it for maximum efficiency, which can save you time & money.

Module 4: Roofing Business Blueprint WordPress Plugin

The Roofing Business Blueprint WordPress Plugin is the newest and easiest way to build website content online for your roofing business.

The Blueprint Plugin automatically searches custom RSS Feeds, Press Releases, Article Directories and other blog’s around the internet to find new, targeted and relevant content for your roofing business website.

This latest version 1.4 Roofing Business Blueprint Plugin gathers content to expand your local blog, and therefore your visibility online to help you get more roofing leads.

With this easy-to-use WordPress plugin, you can deliver the latest home improvement articles, roofing tips and tricks, home maintenance guides and more.

The best part is ? the Blueprint Plugin does all this automatically every day.

Your custom roofing business blog can post a dozen home improvement articles for your customers before you even turn your computer on in the morning.

Easy to Install

Fully Automated New Content Daily

Custom Article & Content Spinner

SEO Optimizer – Search Engine Rankings

Simple WordPress Settings

And Much More!

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