Crushing Hyper Casual Games
New Book Teaches You How To Make & Launch Insanely Simple “Hyper-Casual” Games That
Crush The App Store
You’ll learn everything you need to know about building hyper-casual games, including:

  • How to come up with killer game ideas for hyper-casual that can make it to the top of the charts (This is where you start. It’s on page 14)
  • Creating games with wide demographics in mind (So important… on page 19)
  • How to build games without writing a single line of code (I’ll show you both how to use drag and drop software and also another, arguably easier way, on page 57)
  • How to make your game for free (literally spend nothing, can’t beat that… I go into detail about this on page 45 in the creation chapter)
  • Actionable tips and tricks to make your own art… even if you’re not an artist (I created all the art in our hit games like
  • Phases and The Line Zen, and I’m far from an artist. Page 59)
  • The 5 rules you absolutely can’t break if you want to have success with hyper-casual games (number 3 is the most important, it’s about the “size” and it’s not how big your app is… see that on page 77)
  • How to get millions of downloads without paying a single penny (seriously, we spend literally nothing on our games… more on page 105)
  • Why App Store Optimization (ASO) is dead and focusing solely on keywords is a terrible strategy (Page 100)
  • The one type of game you seriously should never make (why is this always people’s first choice?!… Page 9)
  • How to balance the line between original ideas and proven ideas (Page 22)
  • Our model and improve system we use to create repeatable success (This is how we got 8 games to break the Top 25… Super important. On Page 27)
  • How to get signed to top tier publishers like Ketchapp, Voodoo and Fortafy (We work with all of them and signed more games to Ketchapp than any other developer… Page 108)
  • The 10 biggest app launching mistakes we consistently see newbies making (avoid these and be very careful taking advice from blogs… these issues pop-up on them constantly. Page 94)
  • The difference between Surprise & Wonder, and why both are required in perfect balance if you want a hit game (pages 87-88)
  • Why you should never make a hyper-casual game in landscape mode (this is obvious once you know it, but it took me forever to figure out… page 99)
  • The big reason why totally new ideas can come back to haunt you, and how to fix it by still releasing unique games. (Page 30).
  • The weird trick that got me my first 1,000,000 downloads (See that on Page 7… it’s how I got my start)
  • The even weirder trick that got me the next 10,000,000 (Page 104… this one was the big turn around for me)
  • The free traffic source we now use that helped us get more downloads in the last 2 years than the previous 5 years combined (Page 106)
  • And that’s just scratching the surface…

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