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How You Can Use “Social Story Selling” To Make $1,000’s Of Dollars Per Week From As Little As 300 Followers

Dear Entrepreneur,

How would you like to wake up to new sales, dozens of leads, and direct messages from highly qualified prospects that want to buy everything you offer?

Go from zero to hero in your market and watch your bank account grow so FAST you’ll be able to say SCREW IT to the 9-to-5 and have TRUE financial freedom.

Grow your business and make money while in line at the grocery store, in the back of an UBER, and even when you’re stuck at the airport?

Stop CHASING clients and have them practically BEGGING to work with you?

I have great news for you.

If you want to learn how to turn followers into dollars while doing what you love then you’re in the right place.

The Instagram secret you’re going to discover today blows every other selling system out of the water.

You’ll be able to make money as you.

Enjoy drinks with your friends at happy hour

Cruise the beautiful islands of the Mediterranean

Play with your kids when they get home from school

Walk the streets of Rome tasting the finest gelato

Explore beautiful countries while on vacation with your spouse

Let me tell you the story of how I stumbled on the Social Story Selling Formula that revolutionized my business, and the lives of my personal clients.

It All Started With A $5,000 Uber Ride.

At the rate he’s growing, Wayne will have banked over $130,000 from using this system.

And it gets better, too.

Wayne’s wife isn’t furious anymore. Because of this proven system, he’s been able to cut back his work hours, spend more time with his family, and move out of his tiny, cramped apartment.

.and into the dream home that he and his wife thought they could never afford.

Wayne’s life has done a complete 180.

Today you’re going to learn the same secret I used to make this all possible.

This secret is THE way for the “good guys” to win.

Forget the past when nice guys (like Wayne) and gals finish “last.”

Today is the day that everything is going to change for you, just like it did for Wayne.

Today is the day you FINALLY find out how to make money with social media.

If you have as little as 300 followers. you can earn thousands every single week.

And if you have 10,000+ followers, this is one of the easiest ways to crack the 7-figure mark with an Online Business.

From now on, “Nice guys finish first!”

Because the bad guys are getting punished. For example.

Did You Know Most

Instagram Growth Strategies

Are Hurting You?

No one is telling you this.

The majority of the “grow your Instagram” products and courses are digging you into a deep dark hole where you don’t want to be.

They’re pushing you to chase the wrong numbers. The numbers that don’t actually help you make money from Instagram.

They want you to fight for followers, spend hours editing pretty pictures, beg for shoutouts, and scam the system.

This doesn’t work anymore!

The only person that makes money by telling you that you need more pretty pictures are the people selling the courses on how to make pretty pictures. You don’t need it.

Some of the smartest people in America are tirelessly working in Silicon Valley to stop people from trying to game the system.

Cheating doesn’t equal dollars in your bank account. It just means a BANNED account.

Following those tricks is the fastest way to waste your time, get frustrated, get burned out, LOSE MONEY, and get your account DELETED forever.

When that happens, you throw away every minute, hour, and ounce of energy you spent on Instagram, likely to never get it back again.

Trust me, I’ve seen this happen with hundreds of people. I don’t want it to happen to you too.

Instagram is standing up for The Good Guys.

They’re making it easier for us to win and by using the system I’m going to tell you about today, you’ll be able to do that faster than ever.

Email Marketing Is Dying

And Social Story Selling Is Taking Over

The truth is, email marketing is dying.

A good friend of mine just put on a $25,000 seminar teaching high-level entrepreneurs and professional email copywriters how to get email delivered.

You can’t just hit send. You have to invest loads of money just to learn how to get emails into someone’s inbox!

That goes to show what’s happening with email and I’m not just saying this because I don’t like email.

I’ve built multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses with the help of email, so when I first started feeling the backlash of this dying marketing system, I was worried.

Not anymore. Social stories are the NEW email marketing.

The Social Story Selling System I’m going to tell you about has quickly replaced it and passes every test with flying colors.

You’re probably wondering, “Wait, what about Facebook!?”

If you haven’t noticed, Facebook is a DEAD zone.

They don’t even allow your fans to see your content unless you PAY.

Instagram is in a Golden Age, and I can show you how to use it properly and profitably.



Imagine sitting at Starbucks talking to a friend, explaining what you do at a cocktail party. or driving in your car and sharing your day with your family.

You can do that without a problem, right?

Great news. If you can do these normal daily activities, you can make BIG MONEY on social media using the Social Story Selling technique I give you inside of The Social Cash Machine.

Gone are the days of tricks and hacks to game the system. Social Story Selling is the way to win for nice people.

What Can Social Cash Machine Do For You?

Get more clients, sell more homes, and make more money by playing by Instagrams rules. Get rewarded by Zuckerberg and Silicon Valley and become the master of EPF.

Make money in line at the grocery store, at the airport, in the back of an UBER, or while sitting at home in your comfy pants – all because you have a “Social Cash Machine” at your fingertips.

Your phone will become a CASH MACHINE that lets you pay for fancy cars, amazing vacations traveling the world, private school, even flights on private jets.

Stop CHASING clients and finally pick and choose exactly who you want to work with.

Done-for-you scripts do the heavy lifting for you. It’s practically a copy-and-paste system for sales and getting “low-hanging fruit” into your business virtually overnight

Become so in-demand and so well-connected your gram will grow so fast you won’t have time to keep up with all your notifications. Other people might think you are cheating.

Finally be able to say SCREW IT to the 9-to-5 and have TRUE freedom- financially and emotionally.

How to use the system to catapult your podcast, email list, book sales, etc – finally get this digital marketing thing under control so you can create your future.

Get the formula to have leads direct message you and practically BEG you to work with them and let them into your inner circle.

Get mega-influencers knocking down your door for collaborations and shout-outs within the a few weeks of starting. all because you know something that 99% of Instagram users don’t.

How to run your own Instagram TV shows that gets thousands of viewers and makes you 2X, 5X or even 10X the money compared to your follower count.

Wake up to more followers, dollars, direct messages, comments, likes, loves, shares, and views.

Become known as the superstar of your industry, the godfather of your business circle, the GO-TO superhero, and the celebrity.

How to become an influencer, get tons of free stuff from cool companies, and invitations to the hottest events. all because you’re controlling business media.

Enter EMPIRE mode by leveraging your assets and the done-for-you business media strategy to control your bank account.

Have the freedom to travel, buy fancy cars (instead of taking pictures beside someone else’s ride), and produce money on demand as if you were living the lifestyle you see in a rap music video.

Finally show everyone you made it. All the naysayers, the critics, the haters, the jealous in-laws, the teachers that looked down at you.

You’ll be able to go back to them with your phone in-hand to show them your sales, your following, and the power you have over your business media EMPIRE.

. all because you used the Instagram secret that no one else knows about.

Today is the day you take back control of your life, even if you have NO tech expertise.

If you can send a text message, hold down a button, and speak in sentences, you’re QUALIFIED to make big money from the Social Cash Machine.

I had just finished one of my business mentorship workshops and was on the way to the airport.

While sitting in the backseat of an UBER, I posted a picture of the workshop group on Instagram. Within minutes the post was flooded with comments and likes.

As I was scrolling through and replying to the messages, I noticed that a few people liking the post needed to be at one of my upcoming workshops.

It was exactly what they needed to have the breakthroughs they were looking for in their business, and I knew if they would come to one of my events it would change everything for them.

So I sent them a direct message based on the script that I’ll tell you about later. The same message that’s been refined, tweaked, and proven to work in all markets for all products and services.

Within FIVE MINUTES of sending that message, one of them bought a $5,000 ticket to my event. all while I was sitting in the back of an Uber.

That was a life-changing moment for me (and soon you’ll have one of these moments too).

I’ve gone on to sell over $500,000 worth of coaching in 12 months using Instagram the way I’m going to tell you about today.

But let’s be clear about something. I had NO business doing this.

I’m not a tech guy, or a social media growth guru. Heck, I just got an iPhone three months before that Uber ride, and yet now I’m known as the “King Of EPF,” which is short for the “King of Earnings Per Followers.”

Up until that point in my life I was just a simple farm boy from Canada who started his first business as a personal trainer. I wasn’t no sales guru or a “shark”.

I was raised to open doors for old ladies, pick up my trash, and work hard.

No one taught me how to sell. Money was considered BAD in my family, and I struggled because of that.

For years I thought you had to be tricky and sneaky to sell on the Internet because that’s what all the top marketers were teaching. “33 sneaky headlines. 12 slimy email tricks. 7 hacks to con people into buying.” I hated it. It never sat well with me.

All that being said, I did okay up to this point with an honest approach to business. and I made multiple 7 figures in the fitness industry, but I recently “retired” because the marketing claims in the weight loss world were becoming too outrageous for me to stomach.

That’s when I went off and wrote a new book and started coaching entrepreneurs on how to grow their businesses without sacrificing their souls.

I’ve always believed there was a way to be a nice guy and finish FIRST.

That led me to Instagram, that fateful post, and this letter to you.

If I can do it, and my clients can do it, you can do it too.

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