ConversionXL – Intermediate Google Analytic
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  • Intermediate Google Analytics
  • Class 1 – Audiences (Advanced Segments)
  • Advanced segments allow you to create powerful audiences that tailor the entire platform to your needs.
  • Class 2 – Attribution & Remarketing
  • Last click? This session is all about understanding and visualizing the real story behind how your users convert. Learn how many touches occur, how long it takes and how all of your channels work together. Plus, learn about powerful integrations with AdWords and DoubleClick that will have an immediate impact on your ROI.
  • Class 3 – Custom Dimensions, Metrics & More
  • You need to understand how to use custom dimensions, custom metrics, calculated metrics, event tracking and non-pageview-based tracking.
  • Class 4 -Content Performance
  • Content is more than just a pageview. We will cover advanced content analytics, form analytics, media tracking and social/blog analytics. Find out what is really happening on your website.
  • Class 5 – Custom Reports & Data Studio
  • The majority of this session will be spent on Data Studio, part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite, which provides free enterprise reporting capabilities. Learn how to connect to all of your data (social, email, Google Analytics, etc.)
  • Class 6 – Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Enhanced ecommerce is one of the most powerful additions to Google Analytics in recent years. True product merchandising, internal promotion insights, product list insights, product positioning insights, etc.
  • Class 7 – Audits, Data Quality and QA
  • It is extremely rare to come across an implementation that is correct. This class will cover years of experience to help you: find and fix common implementation issues, and use debugging tools.
  • Class 8 – Mobile App & Cross-Device Analytics
  • This class will show you how to track your users across devices, sites and apps. We will cover integrations and use cases for fully utilizing Google Analytics if: you send email to your users, have a mobile app, or have a logged-in experience.

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