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What if Every Sentence You Write Could
Almost Effortlessly and Magically
Appear from Your Computer?

You also get a complete set of fill-in-the-blank templates including…

  • 101 Writing Idea Generators
  • verification5Ever get stuck for content? Maybe you’d like to write an article, but you don’t know what to write about. Or maybe you’d like to add content to an article, report or book, but you’re not sure what to add. These idea generators can help – you’ll never be at a loss for words again!
  • NOTE: Before I go on, I’ve gotta say that this resource alone is absolute GOLD. It’s easily worth every penny you’ll pay for this package by itself. Just an unbelievable resource for every content creator. A true “must-have.”
  • 3 Easy-to-Follow Videos
  • play-button4Each video breaks down critical writing secrets that “The Titans” have been using since the very beginning.
  • You know who I’m talking about: The Agoras, The Weiss’, The Boardrooms of the world. Now you can have the same advantages as these mammoth content leaders!
    50 Starter Sentences
  • doc2This is your very own “Starter Swipe File”. It’s a collection of ideas to write about in a single sentence formatted template. You can use the starter sentences to create paragraphs of content about virtually any topic in the world! These starter sentences allow you to quickly find something to write about anytime you want to build content for any document. These ready-made templates are your first step towards getting the sale.
  • 20 Article Openings (with examples)
  • doc2Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part. These article openings give you specific examples of how to start and pull your reader into your article so they keep reading.
  • 20 Opening Paragraphs
  • doc2Whether you’re writing blog posts, articles, reports, ebooks or even video scripts, you can model your opening paragraph or introduction after one of these 20 openers. Never again will you stare at a blank document trying to figure out how to start your content piece!
  • 20 Closing Paragraphs
  • doc2The end of any content piece is your chance to recap your most important points and encourage your reader to take action. And inside this section, you’ll discover 20 powerful ways to close your articles, blog posts, reports and other content pieces!

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