Chris Rempel – B2B Matchmaking-Special Report

The Situation:

Until very recently, traditional B2B industries have still largely been living in the “digital dark ages” when it comes to marketing & sales strategy.

We are talking about billion-dollar companies whose entire sales process amounts to attending a few trade shows each year… because, well, that’s what worked, for decades.

Rolling out a truly digital sales strategy is something that very few B2B firms in the “old world” have actually done – let alone done well.

And then – in March of 2020 – life as we knew it took a very strange turn. The world shut down, basically overnight.

No more trade shows. No more conferences. No more business travel. No more in-person selling.

For a lot of long-established companies, this meant rapidly figuring out how to move their sales ops online – and finally taking it seriously…

The Setup:

Just as ecommerce adoption was hyper-accelerated as a strategy across the retail landscape during the pandemic – there was a similar rush to go digital across most B2B sectors.

Thousands of companies who’d been intending to “figure out this digital thing” for their sales divisions had no choice but to dive in head-first in 2020. It was do or die.

And just as with ecommerce, the trend is holding strong. Digital adoption is still rapidly accelerating in B2B today. The companies who saw promising results from digital channels are scaling up.

And everyone else is scrambling to figure it out so they don’t get left behind. 2020 wasn’t just a flash in the pan. It was a paradigm shift.

All this has created a phenomenal setup for marketers, right now…

Think about it. For the first time, we have entire industries – industries where the average customer value is usually measured in millions – that are desperate to ramp up digital growth.

They’re chomping at the bit to drive quality leads, fill their sales pipeline, and in general – join the 21st century. And they’ve also got the budget to pay what those leads are actually worth.

Which means that anyone who can build targeted traffic & engaged audiences (of any size) in these industries will be sitting on a goldmine…

Discover Inside:

  • A business model where even low-traffic sites and tiny email lists can earn substantial revenue
  • How to build a small but targeted audience in certain niches, and then sell B2B leads for $300 – $800+ each (not a typo)
  • How to build your initial audience at no direct cost
  • Hundreds of newly viable niches that are NOT flooded with affiliates or ad scrapers
  • How & where to find hungry advertisers that will eagerly pay top-dollar for quality leads
  • 6+ powerful monetization strategies that, together can drive $5+ revenue per visitor… which means a site reaching just 100 users/day is realistically well over the 6 figure benchmark
  • 3 detailed blueprints to match budgets & bandwidth for everyone from solo founders to SMBs to funded companies looking to run a rollup.
  • And a lot more

Here’s a closer look at each key section…

Inside the Report:

Part 1: The Opportunity

  • Understanding the sudden rush to B2B digitalization (a whole new boring world)
  • Pain points & bottlenecks of the conventional B2B sales process
  • How “B2B Matchmakers” can solve a lot of pain for both sides of the B2B sales process
  • Understanding the current business models in the “matchmaking” space. Strengths, weaknesses and under-served gaps.
  • Why the current situation (post-pandemic) has fueled demand for quality B2B leads – and how best to serve that up to B2B advertisers
  • The anatomy of the ideal matchmaking business model – one that you can launch and drive revenue in a matter of weeks.
  • How to build your initial niche audience at effectively no cost. An audience you can perpetually monetize
  • Understanding the size of this opportunity (it’s huge…)

Part 2: The Landscape

  • Getting to know the digital neighborhood…
  • A look at key matchmaking competitors, both broadly and in example niches
  • Uncover the actual revenues, growth performance, audience / traffic metrics, and average revenue per user of the existing competitors / comparables
  • Understand the main drivers that cause one business to earn $5+ RPV, while others are only earning pennies…
  • Dig into the niches that are already proven performers.
  • Speaking of – this section is a goldmine of niche ideas, with hundreds presented on a silver platter

Part 3: The Blueprint

  • Discover how to best exploit this opportunity with a detailed strategy blueprint for 3 different scenarios, with corresponding budget ranges / team sizes
  • Each blueprint spells out exactly how to build and grow the business, right from hosting to advanced sales strategy.
  • Lightweight Blueprint: For solopreneurs & small teams, with a budget starting from just a few thousand dollars to kick things off…
  • Middleweight Blueprint: For SMB’s with small teams, with a budget starting from $15K+
  • Heavyweight Blueprint: For established brands / funded startups & teams of 7-10+, with a budget starting from $100K+
  • Exit strategies once you’ve built something that’s on a growth trajectory
  • The Hot Seat: What niche would we tackle, right now?

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