Chris Beatty – Local SEO Blueprint 2016 Training Formula
Local SEO Blueprint 2016 Training Formula by Chris Beatty – Best Training Formula Reveal How to Build Lead Generation sites and Generate 1085 Live Phone Calls For Local Businesses And Get Paid Every Time without Advertising Cost
Local SEO Blueprint 2016 Training Formula by Chris Beatty Includes:

  • – Part 1 – Local SEO Strategy Overview
  • We’ll discuss where SEO is right now in 2016 and where it’s headed moving forward. This will prepare you to consume the content in this program the right way. A HUGE mindset shift will take place for you on how to approach Local SEO moving forward.
  • – Part 2 – Keyword Selection For Local
  • Knowing which keywords to target is critical for being able to actually RANK for keywords that will produce phone calls.
  • I’ll show you my sneaky method for finding the right keywords even if the Google Keyword Planner tells you theirs no traffic. This works in cities of all sizes!
  • – Part 3 – Lead Site Build Out
  • I’ll show you over the shoulder exactly how to build a LEAD GENERATION website that works well for local. There are specific rules you must follow to ensure the highest conversion rate possible of visitors to actual phone calls. If you’ve struggled to convert visitors to leads, you’ll love this part of the program.
  • – Part 4 – On Site Optimization 2016
  • There is a very specific way you need to structure the your website to make sure you rank in 2016. We’ll talk about the specific SILO I’m using to get results every time. You’ll learn about keyword placement to make sure the search engines know exactly what your site is about. I’ll show you my content strategy to ensure your lead sites NEVER get penalized. I’m also showing my secret on page weapon for boosting my rankings. This is something other “SEO teachers” have been telling you to ignore. I’ll also show you how to rank at position ZERO by using “Featured Snippets” and show you exactly how to set that up. You’re getting a list of every free “plugin” you can use to make all of this as easy as possible.
  • – Part 5 – Local Link Building For Results!
  • Here you’ll learn exactly how to build links to rank for local (there are different rules for local) and I’m revealing it all to you. I’ll tell you how use PENGUIN 4.0 as an unfair advantage over your competitors. You’re going to get my EXACT SOURCES for link building so you don’t have to waste your precious time building links yourself. The link building is so specific, you will have absolutely ZERO chance of screwing it up.
  • – Part 6 – Local SEO Monetization!
  • Here we’ll go through the monetization methods for local SEO in more detail. You’ll learn all about cashing in with: Pay Per Call, SEO As A Service, Equity Partnerships, Website Rental. After going through this part of the training, you will have decided on a business model / monetization method and will be ready to start getting clients.

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