BurnTopia – Burn $1500 on Google, Microsoft, Pinterest & Snapcha

BurnTopia – Burn $1500+ on Google, Microsoft, Pinterest and Snapchat ADS

Hey family, after 5 years of playing with Burner Accounts, I Can Help You Make Money with them.

I watched a lot of premium courses and bought 10+ private methods in past years, and now it’s time to pass that knowledge.

I have my own method, that was built over time, and most importantly – it works!

What will you learn and get from this course?

  • How to create your own Payment Method, or where to buy it.
  • How to create Successful Campaigns on Google, Microsoft, Pinterest and Snapchat ads, and spend more than $1500 from threshold and coupons.
  • How to choose and create Top Converting Campaigns on different platforms (WP and Cloud Tools)
  • Create CPA, Ecomm, Pay Per Call, ClickBank, Lead Generation, Nutra Campaigns.
  • How to Get Free: Domains, Hosting, Tracking and Cloakers


  • AWS $5k and DO $10k threshold method, and I will also tell you how to successfully create regular AWS and Azure Accounts.
  • More than 2Tb of Premium Courses
  • Premium WP and HTML Templates, Plugins and Themes

How is my course different?

First of all, I was not typing into text document file, i was speaking and explaining everything in details! I made ~80 in depth videos about all the tools, platforms, networks, that you will use to make money.

That is more than 25 Hours of Content with Step by Step Instructions.

I believe that nobody has done anything similar for Burner Accs, Complete Package with Step by Step Setup Instructions and Live Campaigns on 4 Platforms.

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