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Outsource Kingpin is a 7 module comprehensive training course.
Here’s What You Are About To Receive With Your
Premium Outsource Kingpin Membership

  • Module 1: Overview
  • To The Point – Get started fast.
  • When To Start – Find out when and WHY you should be outsourcing.
  • Resources – Tons of resources to get your outsourcing work accomplished fast.
  • Module 2: Updates
  • Fast Turn Around – As changes to the processes occur, we’ll add content to help you stay on top – fast.
  • Single Location – Easily find updated information and revisions.
  • Module 3: Hiring Funnel
  • Detailed Outline – Exact steps need to replicate our funnel steps.
  • Over The Shoulder – See exactly how it works…and why! Then implement yourself.
  • Module 4: Interviewing
  • Save Time – Speed up the interview process at all points to find the best candidates
  • Get The Best Outsourcers – Learn how you should be onboarding your newly hired outsources to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Module 5: Training
  • Best Practices – How to train your outsourcers effectively and quickly.
  • Ensuring Output – How to monitor progress through the entire process
  • Staying The Course – Find out how to effectively guide your new outsources and ensure success.
  • Module 6: Managing
  • Best practices – Learn how to best manage your outsourcing team.
  • Promotions – See how to promote from within to use trained leaders to accomplish even more while saving even more of
  • Module 7: Scaling
  • Scaling Process – How to take your current processes and grow fast.
  • Creating Managers – Learn how to take your outsources and create project managers and team leaders who will take your previous role…meaning you can work ON your business.
  • And So Much More…

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