Bradley Benner – Local Kingpin
Local Kingpin is a 7+ module comprehensive training course with over 20 videos.
You will learn how to set up local funnels, produce leads cheaply, and more, in order for you to make
money by selling leads to clients or using them in your own local business.

  • Module #1: Setup & Local Case Study
  • We want you to see EXACTLY how this process works – and that it REALLY does work!
  • This case study shows how Bradley put together a real local leads business and goes into details on Adwords use and more!
  • Detailed – Get started fast with over the shoulder examples and details.
  • Real World – You’ll see exactly how this is done in the real world…not like other courses where they expect you to already know how to implement!
  • Examples – Beginners and Experienced marketers can learn from watching Bradley work through real world issues while setting up his own local lead generation setup.
  • Module #2: Building Local Funnels For High Conversions
  • Lots of people teach advertising, but the truth is it doesn’t matter if your leads don’t convert!
  • That’s why we’re included landing page templates and design in this powerful course.
  • Not only will you be learning how to set up campaigns correctly via AdWords for low cost lead generation, but you’ll be ahead of others with high conversions from great landing pages.
  • Save Time & $$$ – See exactly how to set up landing pages and get access to FREE templates!
  • Destroy The Competition – Find out how you can split test easily to work your way to #1
  • Module #3: Updates & More
  • As part of our continuing high quality training we provide updates as needed to our training.
  • We’ll be holding update webinars to let you know about even more information related to lead generation AND doing another LIVE case study!
  • Stay Up To Date – Most training is old by the time it launches . Not with us! You’ll be getting even more great content
  • AFTER launch is over!
  • Valuable Insight – Get access to the 2nd case study for even more tips and tricks that you can use in your own lead generation.

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