Bootcamp Trans4mation System
“Introducing a Complete Plug-N-Play Bootcamp Trans4mation System That Saves You a Ton of Time, Fills Your Bootcamps With Cash-Paying Clients, and Gets Your Clients in the Best Shape of Their Lives!”
Here’s what you get…

  • Phase 1: System Checklist
  • Here you get the Trans4mation Bootcamp System Checklist, which is designed to make it simple for you to set up your business! This checklist helps you walk through all the details of setting up your system, from marketing your bootcamp to training your clients.
  • And since we provide all the materials you need to take these steps, it really is a done-for-you marketing and programming system!
  • Here is the rest of the system…
  • Phase 3: The Orientation
  • Here you’ll get everything you need to help your clients prepare for your class, get motivated and achieve their goals, including:
  • • Orientation and Challenge Handouts… you’ll find out what types of handouts to include to prepare your clients for the challenge. You’ll even get the rebrandable handouts we use – just swipe, tweak and use them!
  • • Weigh-In Sheets… so your clients can track their progress and see real results.
  • • Grocery List and Meal Plan… to make it easy for your clients to eat clean and achieve their goals!
  • And finally…
  • Phase 2: Marketing Ads and Emails
  • Here you’ll get the materials you need to attract and recruit bootcamp clients. This includes:
  • • Social media ads. Here you’ll get copy-and-paste ads that you can use on Facebook, Instagram or other social media!
  • • Videos. You’ll get tips and tricks for creating kick-ass Facebook videos that are sure to excite your prospects and turn them into cash-paying clients!
  • • Three done-for-you emails. Just copy these emails, tweak to meet your needs, and send them out to your list to start attracting clients!
  • Here’s what else is included in this system…
  • Phase 4: Done-for-You Workouts
  • You’ll get complete programming to run a four, six or eight-week challenge. This includes:
  • • Warm ups for each workout.
  • • Workouts with progressions for four and six-week challenges.
  • • Bonus two weeks to create an eight-week challenge.
  • • Flexibility to create a three-day, four-day or five-day per week workout schedule.
  • • Exercise descriptions for every exercise included in the program.\

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