Andrew Fox & Peter Parks – DNA Wealth Blueprint v3.0

Here’s what you’ll get:

Module #1: Picking The Right Type Of Product To Sell & Create

  • The free tools I use to study and analyse a market before any sort of creation (If you don’t get this right there is NO WAY you’ll hit 6 figures… let alone 7 and beyond, like I’m doing.)
  • Why understanding how to ‘read a market’ is the most common downfall but when you learn to do it the right way, you crush it every time.
  • The UGLIEST website that made me $100,000s because I understood how to spot the opportunity – I’ll teach you how to do this, even if you can’t design a website for toffee!
  • Tiger Marketing – Timing is everything! You could have a great idea for a product but the timing for the market must be right. Here’s how to make sure.
  • Our secret source for getting software developed for just pennies on the dollar by TOP level programmers (We have paid less than $1k to develop a product that does over $100K the first month it’s released!)
  • The RIGHT way to test a product.. If you ever see people claiming “I got a 23% conversion rate” chances they are in for a BIG fall.
  • How to carry out the ultimate ‘Litmus’ test to ensure you know you are on course for a six figure plus launch.
  • What to structure and implement in your product to help you sell it for up to 24-36 months profits. (A $5,000 profit/month website could be worth nearly $200,000 if you do this right)

Module #2: Sales Funnel Optimization + Pricing

  • The number of upsells and downsells you should use in a sales funnel for optimum “Visitor Value” without making your customers hate you.
  • How to get up to a 70% uptake on your first upsell by twisting the knife with the missing piece and make your customer actually thank you for it.
  • The HUGE mistake I made that lost me over $30,237.45 on a recent product launch by “giving away the farm” too early on (I need to share this with you so you don’t make this horrific error.)
  • Why pricing in certain markets is INSANELY sensitive and if you don’t have a ‘Plan B’ people won’t even get to see your sales funnel.
  • How to use “special offer” pre launch webinars with select JV partners to bring in an additional 40% in revenues (We did over $67,467,45 employing this one technique)
  • The pricing structure that never fails and why you MUST use downsells correctly or your launch could fall apart.
  • Using time scarcity within sales funnels to boost sales a further 34.8%. Do it right and it works, but do it wrong and your customer will get confused and chances are refund!
  • The Number 1 FLAW with clickbank and ‘1 click upsells’ that could destroy any launch (Even the gurus don’t seem know about this… I’ve only ever seen it used properly once.)
  • How I accidentally discovered the “Good Cop – Bad Copy” Upsell/downsell personality hack that brought in an additional $16,546,27 in revenue.
  • The split testing software that kicks any tracker’s ass. Do you know what it is?

Module #3: Scorching Sales Copy That Will Convert Like A Thunder God!

  • While some sales letters convert like gangbusters, the majority fall flat on their face… how to get it right even if you’re not a great writer.
  • Most people think their sales copy is awesome – in many cases it sucks. Not realizing or admitting that is going to hinder your progress even further. In this mammoth training I cover..
  • The “Double Yes” Engagement factor to decrease your abandonment rate by as much as 327%.
  • Why you must address “2 Core Elements” no matter what niche you are in, within the opening 60 seconds of your sales copy.
  • Why the wrong use of colours will sink your website faster than the Titanic no matter how good your product is.
  • Leveraging brand names like Amazon, Forbes, Ebay using the “power of association” (Do this wrong and you could get sued!)
  • How to use bolding, italics and underlining the right way to make keep your prospect engaged.
  • Understanding how to use external market conditions and 3rd party sources (it’s free!) to double the conversion of your offer.
  • Why you MUST attack and overcome “trust” objections early on or people will never buy from you.
  • What the optimum length for “screen demonstrations” is (get this wrong and it will KILL your pitch!)
  • How to ‘align’ yourself with the viewer and dramatically increase the chance of them handing you over their credit card details.
  • Tapping into “Primal Motive” to twist the knife into super sell mode (The most powerful psychological factor of them all… and few use it properly.)
  • How to leverage the “better than your peers” angle to make it hard for a prospect to refuse your offer.
  • Using scarcity and timers on a page the RIGHT way (most people do it wrong, which results in less sales! Used properly, this has much as QUADRUPLED revenue.)
  • How to close a sale and which factors play the crucial point in getting the prospect over the finish line (You’ve done the hard work – now make the sale!)

Module #4: Unleash the Affiliate FireBall And Get Affiliates To Promote Hard.

  • Affiliates are there to make money – Why greed is the #1 motivator for many affiliates and how to leverage that to make your launch a massive success.
  • How to use pre-launch webinars to “spring board” your launch into high gear and make affiliates go BONKERS.
  • How I get 1000s of visitors from affiliates before the website even goes live.
  • Why most product vendors SCREW UP trying to attract high level affiliates with poor marketing (They think they are doing great but are in fact destroying their launch – are you doing this?!
  • How to attract HIGH LEVEL affiliates by knowing which “buttons to push”
  • The email swipes I use to get a response from over 90% of super affiliates I contact. (I’m going to hand you the EXACT emails I use)
  • The best social networks and forums to use to attract SUPER affiliates? (Is it Facebook™, Skype™ or something totally different…. the answer may SHOCK you)
  • Super Affiliates will want higher commissions. How to negotiate, barter and make it win/win (Do it wrong they will take you to the cleaners)
  • How to follow up with affiliates to make sure they are constantly promoting your offer and exactly WHAT to say to them to keep them promoting.
  • What kind of prizes and rewards you should offer affiliates to ‘turn them on’.
  • People are motivated by three things in life: Money, Opportunity and Recognition. Understanding what type of affiliate you are dealing with is KEY in getting them to promote.

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