Amazing Affirmations-Daily Gratitude Coloring Pages
This Bundle Includes The Following Beautifully Illustrated Affirmations:
1. My Soul Continuously Rejoices As I Engage In Gratitude
2. I Am A Magnet For All Good And I Am Grateful For It
3. I Am Learning To Be Grateful Each Day
4. I Am Thankful For the Abundance I Have In My Life
5. I Experience Gratitude For Everything I Have In My Life
6. I Always Receive Exactly What I Ask For And Am Appreciative Of It
7. My Daily Attitude Is One Of Gratitude
8. I Am Grateful For My Excellent Health
9. My Gratitude And Appreciation Attracts Abundance Of Every Kind
10. I Am Grateful For My Abundant Prosperity
11. All Challenges Are An Opportunity For Growth And I Am Grateful For The Chance To Evolve
12. I Am Grateful For My Loving Relationships
13. Every Morning I Wake Up Grateful
14. My Life Is Filled With An Abundance Of Goodness
15. I Appreciate Everything I Have In My Life And Always Keep The Door Open For More Blessings
16. I Am So Grateful For The Love And Support Of My Friends
17. Every Person That Touches My Life Enriches It. I Am Grateful For Them.
18. I Am Grateful For Who I Am And What I Have
19. The More I Give Thanks, The More Things I Have To Be Grateful For
20. I Am Truly Blessed

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