Alice Seba & Yusef Kulan – Get Paid Before You Create Your Printables

“Get Paid Before You Create Your Printable…and Sell More of Them at Higher Prices with This Super Simple Strategy You Can Implement in One Afternoon.”

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers would PAY you for your printables…even BEFORE you make them?

The usual process is risky. You create the printables, put them up on your website or Etsy shop and HOPE people will buy them.

Not to mention the fact that it’s not always easy to command a high price for those printables.

But what if we told you it’s easy to reverse this process AND sell MORE printables at HIGHER prices?

We’re sure you’re saying, “Heck yes, Alice and Yusef. Show me your ways!”

Sign up for FREE right now and learn…

  • Why tapping into the problems your customers are facing is your key to selling MORE and at HIGHER prices…AND for creating more customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat purchases.
  • Why you are likely limiting your income by simply putting your printables for sale on Etsy or your website without doing this first.
  • How to apply this method, even if you already have printables created and ready for sale.
  • How to do this for FREE if you don’t want to spend money on an expensive platform.
  • How to identify your audience and deliver them exactly what they need.
  • How to market you offer, grow your list and get new customers.
  • How this method STILL works, even if you want to put your printables on Etsy.
  • How to turn your own “get paid before” idea into lots of other ideas to increase your sales

You’ll have access to quick downloadable guide that shows you how the method works. Plus, if you have any questions about any step of the process, we’re available to guide you in the EKitHub Facebook Group.

We’ve also included the following to make it easier to put this into practice…

Let’s get you started off on the right foot, with these items also included FREE in your instant downloads.

Get Paid to Create Your Printables Checklist

This handy checklist is a quick-reference of all the steps included in the free guide and covers:

  • Researching your audience, so you know what kind offer + printables to make
  • Outlining your offer / online class
  • Marketing to get customers to pay you to create your printables
  • Reusing and repurposing for maximum sales

Product Brainstorming Sheet

Here’s a practical 7-page brainstorming worksheet to help you figure out how to deliver the content your customers need to solve their problem and deliver exactly what they need from their printables purchase.

PowerPoint Slide Show Class Template

Never fun a class before? It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. We’ve got an attractive template that makes it easy for you to incorporate what you need into your class, keeping it as simple as possible. The template is completely editable, so change color schemes, add images, edit slides, remove the or add your own.

The Benefits of This “Get Paid Before You Create” Method

  • You don’t have to create any printables until your customers have shown you they are willing to pay for what you’re offering…and they’ll show you by giving you their MONEY.
  • You’ll be able to charge WAY MORE for your printables and sell more of them because you’re offering them the guidance and tools to solve their real-life problems they need your help with.
  • The content you create is an immediate source of income, but can be repurposed in so many ways to create ongoing income for your business.
  • It’s easy to keep this as simple as possible. Pick a problem, create a solution and see who is willing to pay for it. That’s all.

If you’ve been struggling to sell your printables or command high prices for them, this is a way to change all that. Just download the quick guide, use the fill-in-the-blanks templates and get things started.

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