Alexandria Brown – 3 Day Online Success Blueprint Workshop

I found this on the internets and I am impressed. She makes a lot of things accessible. And let’s face it. If she can inspire women with no real marketing experience and skills to get their website up and running, then what is YOUR excuse??

A great saying is: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Here is some of the pitch I found with the archive:

Do Women Do Better Seminars Then Men? Only You Can Decide.

Listen To This Marathon Info-Product Workshop And Decide If This Lady Is Effective.

This product is not being sold as of fall 2008. It was a 3 day weekend workshop. The binder is really more for taking notes – the ‘slides’ are very cryptic, so I opted to forget them completely and concentrate on the MP3s. Enjoy and please comment.

Ali Brown has connections to Glazer-Kennedy, and I tend to think of her as being the softer, less of an “A”-hole Mr. “I don’t care about you” Dan. She has more respect for her clientele then he does. Some good things in here.

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