Affiliate Badassery – Huge Profits, It Almost Feels Like Cheating

Are you ready for REAL, sustainable, virtually autopilot affiliate marketing methods grounded in fundamental marketing principles that will work for years?

Are you ready for a systemized methodology that immediately AND sustainably skyrockets your affiliate marketing campaigns so you never have to constantly chase “the next thing.”


NO Fluff


We start off by revealing the exact methodology to making messenger bots work for you for the ultimate badass affiliate marketing campaigns.

This is your launch pad. Your starting point. Your foundation of success.

This is where it all begins and with this solid foundation, we build out an amazing campaign that we profit from almost immediately and that will run on autopilot.


Your assets are the resources that you have at your disposal to aid you in your mission to create amazingly profitable affiliate marketing campaigns.

Some assets are well-known. Others have been deeply-guarded secrets…until now.

We deep dive into research methods that are so effective, they 80/20 the entire process, thus streamlining our way to profits.

MODULE 3: Reconnaissance

Here’s where the rubber really meets the road…

This will blow any results you THINK you have had before out of the water.

As you know, affiliate marketing can be a very competitive space…so while research is critical, research alone isn’t going to cut it.

In Module 3 we cover how to effectively recon other marketers to find out what’s working right now, quickly.

MODULE 4: Avengers Assemble

You probably already know that the best paid affiliates are the most well-connected affiliates.

Nobody wants to be on the outside looking in.

Now you never have to be again. In “Avengers Assemble” we go into not only how to join the “good ol’ boys club” instantly…

But how to bend it to our will and ultimately dominate it so that we’re always the first to get the best commissions.

MODULE 5: The War Locker:

We’ve already talked about resources…but what about tools?

We cover those in Module 5. But these aren’t mega-expensive fancy BS tools that will cost you thousands of dollars and take you weeks to learn to use.

These are the simple tools we use daily that are crucial to making the whole thing work…

And best of all, most people don’t even know most of them exist, much less use them.

Your War Locker is your competitive edge.

MODULE 6: Mission Critical

By now, our mission is clear…it’s time to solidify our game plan for maximum efficiency.

Contrary to what you may have been told, 99% of your success in affiliate marketing is ensured BEFORE your campaigns go live.

That means that your plan…your mission…is critical to success.

Module 6 is the crucial element that you need to make sure your campaigns succeed instead of dying before they ever get off the ground.

MODULE 7: Deployment

Now that our pre-launch checklists are complete, it’s time for take off.

All of our hard work is about to pay off big the moment we launch our campaigns.

But like all the other modules, the Deployment module is critical to the success and profitability of your entire campaign.

Without it, you’re stabbing in the dark. With it, you have the ultimate check list for “go time.”

MODULE 8: Course Correction

No matter how good our strategy is…no matter how good our planning is…no matter how good our research is…

No good affiliate marketing campaign goes 100% right, 100% of the time.

That means that we have to course-correct. And this is where too many people fail.

Instead of monitoring these vital criteria in their campaign and correcting on-the-fly to maximize success, they cross their fingers and hope for the best.

That wont’ be you, though. You’ll know everything you need to know to ensure your campaigns is a winner.

MODULE 9: Escalation Protocol

No matter how good our affiliate marketing campaigns are, they’re relatively worthless to us if they don’t scale…and scale big.

That’s where Module 9: Escalation Protocol comes into play.

This is truly where “the rubber meets the road” – the strategies that help you scale campaigns larger than what you may have previously thought was possible.

For large commissions that come in every week, this is a “must do”

MODULE 10: Extraction

There’s one reason that we’re launching affiliate campaigns:

To get paid.

That’s what Module 10: Extraction is all about. This entire module is dedicated to ensuring that you not only get paid, but you can ensure you’re not ripped off by the often-unscrupulous third parties that exist all around us.

Getting paid is an art in and of itself in affiliate marketing. Make sure that you know that you’re always covered.

MODULE 11: Joint Task Force

Want to know the one thing that ensures more profits in affiliate marketing that almost no one does?

Affiliate product stacking.

In Module 11: Joint Task Force, we show you how to effectively stack promotions to optimize profits instantaneously.

This is a method we’ve used for years that makes profits explode…and almost no one else does it.

MODULE 12: Fortifications

Make no mistake, in affiliate marketing our ultimate goal is to dominate any niche that we enter.

Once you’re a dominant force in a niche, you get handed the keys to the kingdom.

Your affiliate commissions get larger (sometimes in excess of 100%!). You get special “VIP” treatment. You have your choice of promotion methods, venues, and even get offered exclusive JV opportunities that most people don’t even know exist.

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