AffCashO is a short, case-study based video training, where you literally watch over my shoulders and copy your way to generating a torrent of super targeted, buying traffic to any affiliate offers or promotions you like, to make you instant commissions.
Here’s what you will get when you join me inside AffCashO:

  • #1. What every newbie and experienced marketer needs to know about traffic in 2018?
  • These are the only 5 traffic sources you will ever need to promote any offer or promotion online… Use one, more than one, or all of them, it’s up to you!
  • #2. How a virtually unknown free traffic source is changing affiliate marketing forever (Video 3)
  • Imagine sending your offers to a hungry, targeted buyer’s list of 27K or more within days of joining WITHOUT having to build one yourself……literally no one, even experienced marketers, know about this!
  • #3. Are you a newbie worried about approaching product owners?
  • If so, here’s how to get a yes from them, even if you have zero sales record, zero credibility, and zero experience!
  • #4. Stop Losing 98% of potential customers! Approach affiliate promotions in this specific step-by-step way
  • If you get this wrong, you could lose up to 98% of your potential commissions!
  • #5. Revealed: The secret of high converting video
  • Let me show you exactly how I generate completely free YouTube traffic that never fails to make me a ton of affiliate commissions!
  • #6. The jealously guarded secrets to ranking your review videos in the top 5 of YouTube results, even if you’re complete newbie
  • Just copy and paste my exact tried-and-tested on-page and off-page optimization tactics – this is the route to take for 100% ‘can’t go wrong’!
  • #7. Pay Close Attention: If you are not utilizing mobile traffic, then you are flushing nearly 70% of your commissions down the toilet
  • Last year, for every visitor YouTube got from desktop, it received 2-3 visitors from mobile devices. Here’s how to leverage
  • YouTube Cards to triple your sales by sending mobile traffic to your offers, and not just desktop traffic!
  • #8. The quickest, easiest technique you’ll ever find for generating a ton of free blog traffic
  • Let me show you how I create simple blog reviews that drive thousands of buyers to my affiliate offers – just copy and paste what works!
  • #9. A simple method you can use to guarantee first page Google rankings for buyer keywords, in the fastest time possible time
  • This is how to drive an avalanche of free traffic to your affiliate offers!
  • #10. If you are a newbie with a completely brand new blog, then Video 5 will reveal the No. 1 secret to naturally building 20+ inbound backlinks per day
  • Perfect for making Google take notice of your new site!
  • #11. Why newbie affiliate marketers will lose up to 65% of their affiliate commissions without learning this little known secret
  • This is how I ensure my affiliate links are never flagged as spam, and are always delivered to potential buyers!
  • #12. The truth about how to write the perfect review that converts into $$$$
  • Steal my exact review structure template that’s proven to convert into sales!
  • #13. A simple technique for creating cash-generating review videos
  • Here’s my video review blueprint, including what to talk about and for how long (the ‘sweet spot’ length), how to create effective videos without face-to-camera, and how to create videos on a shoestring budget!
  • #14. The single technique anyone can use to generate a secondary passive income from your blog, in the quickest time possible
  • Never mind newbies, even experienced marketers miss out on this extra hands-free income from their blog site. Let me show you how to create a second ‘set and forget’ income stream, without doing ANY extra work!
  • #15. How to drive an Avalanche of free traffic from FB using this special group method! (Video 6)
  • Steal my simple tactics on how to build your own source of FB traffic from scratch, what tags to use, descriptions, permissions and more, so that your group starts attracting buyers from day 1!
  • #16. The 2 ways to drive hordes of buying traffic to your affiliate offers for just $0.01-$0.10 per click (Videos 7 and 8)
  • Why pay $0.60 to $1 per click on Facebook Ads, Google AdWords or the wrong type of YouTube ads, when I can show you the only 2 ways proven to drive hungry buyers from YouTube to your offers at under 10 cents per click

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