6IX Incubator – Cold Email Mastery


The 6IX Cold Email Secrets Masterclass gives you all the tools you need to drive new Clients in only 30 Days without spending a single Dollar on Ads. Most of our Students actually book meetings within 2 days. Join the 30 Day Agency Challenge and drive new business through the door with the support of the 6IX Community.

The key tools you have immediate access to:

  1. Weekly Coaching Calls analyzing campaign performance and markets
  2. ​The secret behind our cold email strategies & why they work
  3. How to craft the perfect Cold Email
  4. How to rapidly build your list of ideal, qualified prospects
  5. ​How to grab the attention of your BIG FISH
  6. ​How to achieve an open rate of 70%+
  7. ​How to achieve a response rate of 48%+
  8. ​How to respond to a HOT prospect
  9. ​How to handle the “How Much Does It Cost?” response
  10. ​How to handle the “Send Me A Proposal” response
  11. ​How to hire and fully automate your lead generation process for $50 every 6 booked meetings
  12. ​How to scale your lead generation process
  13. ​How to transition this system into a service
  14. ​​Our exclusive LinkedIn strategy that works seamlessly with Cold Email Outreach
  15. ​Our full Sales Masterclass program with complete high ticket closing scripts
  16. ​Live Case Study 1
  17. ​Live Case Study 2

PLUS: Access to our Facebook Group where the full 6IX team are on-hand to help you in the process. This is not a group filled with THOUSANDS, it is small with high engagement, completely value-driven.

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